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Telemarketing for holiday businesses is essential in today’s fast paced world.  

The problem for many holiday companies however is finding the right agency.  

As there are over 400 agencies in the UK to choose from, finding the right one is challenging.  

That is where we at Marketing Quotes come in, to help you get quotes.

Just fill in the form to get free quotes and advice from experts that have experience in the holiday sector.

Would Calling Benefit?

Telemarketing can be used by travel companies for two very important rolls:

  • Handling of incoming calls from potential holiday makers
  • Chasing up enquiries about trips and package deals.

If no-one is there to do either of these (or both) then there could be a lot of business that is being lost to other holiday companies that are making phone calls.  

Even in a world dominated by websites like Expedia and First Choice, it does play a roll with travel companies.

How Much Would Telemarketing For Holiday Companies Cost?

The prices will depend on a few different factors:

  • What kind of calling is needed (and how much is needed)
  • How many days of calling are needed (one day a week, a month)
  • What agency is selected (as all have different rates and profit margins)

Choosing An Agency

We do advise to select an agency that has experience of working in the holiday industry.  As there are hundreds of agencies around the UK, it only makes sense to select on that knows what they are talking about.  

There are a number of agencies that know the holiday industry, just fill in the form to get quotes from them.

Get Multiple Quotes

Telemarketing prices do vary considerably.  It is wise to get a few different quotes from a few agencies, in order to get a feel for experience and prices.  Shopping around for quotes is something that is essential in today’s world.  

Lead generation is really no different, as all agencies set their own rates.  Telemarketing for holiday companies is very important, and needs to be done for the right price.

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