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Telemarketing for holiday businesses is essential in today’s fast paced world.  Even though we live in a digital society, the personable approach is aways welcome.

The problem for many holiday companies however is finding the right telemarketing agency.  

As there are over 400 telemarketing companies in the UK to choose from, finding the right one is challenging.  

That is where we at Marketing Quotes come in, to help you get quotes.

Just fill in the form to get free quotes and advice from experts that have experience in the holiday sector.

The Power Of Telemarketing

Telemarketing is a very well established direct marketing tool and is a powerful form of marketing since it is one of the only proactive forms of marketing.

We do live in a digital society these days and that has lost the personal touch.

Most of us do book our holidays online via price comparison websites or holiday adverts on Google, but there are still high street travel agents.  This shows that there are many of us that want to have the face to face contact that we have lost over the years.

Some Things To Consider

Before starting a telemarketing campaign, thoughts need to be given to your marketing data.

Will you be providing the data for the telemarketing agency, or will you require them to provide it.

An effective telemarketing campaign begins with good planning.

Telemarketing for holiday firms can be very effective, if planned correctly.

Telemarketing for holiday companies can be used for a number of ways:

  • Customer Support
  • After Sales
  • Upselling
  • Direct Sales

Many holiday companies have offers that come up, last minute holidays that need people on them.

This could be a cruise that leaves in a couple of weeks and there is a last minute cancelation.

Telemarketing can be used to contact a regular customer (maybe a retired couple that can go on holiday at the last minutes notice).

Would Telemarketing Benefit Your Holiday Company?

Telemarketing can be used by travel companies for two very important rolls:

  • Handling of incoming calls from potential holiday makers
  • Chasing up enquiries about trips and package deals.
  • Customer Care

Customer care is underrated in the holiday and travel sector.

Customers are the lifeblood of a holiday business, yet in the digital world, there seems to be a lack of it.

Considering the first two points raised, this is important to holiday companies.

If no-one is there to do either of these (or both) then there could be a lot of business that is being lost to other holiday companies that are making phone calls.  

Even in a world dominated by websites like Expedia and First Choice, it does play a roll with travel companies.

The Personal Touch Is Important

As mentioned, the personal touch has been lost in our online world.

Imagine if you can have that relationship with the customer when they expect a couple of courtesy calls each year to see if you fancy a discounted cruise over the Easter, or a skiing trip in the winter?

Imagine if there were thousands of customers like that where a cal at the right time could entice them to book that bargain holiday.

How Much Would Telemarketing For Holiday Companies Cost?

The prices of telemarketing will depend on a few different factors:

  • What kind of calling is needed (and how much is needed)
  • How many days of telemarketing are needed (one day a week, a month)
  • What telemarketing agency is selected (as all have different rates and profit margins)

Most telemarketing companies in the UK charge a monthly fee.  This is dependent of either the number of days they are working for you, or the number of agents they have on your account.

The more days they work for you each month, and the more staff they have on your account, the higher the monthly rates will be.

Choosing A Telemarketing Agency

We do advise to select a telemarketing agency that has experience of working in the holiday and travel industry.  As there are hundreds of telemarketing agencies around the UK, it only makes sense to select on that knows what they are talking about.  

Experience counts for everything when it comes to telemarketing.  Since telemarketing can cost hundreds of pounds a day, you want to select the best telemarketing company from the start.

There are a number of telemarketing agencies that know the holiday industry, just fill in the form to get quotes from them.

Get Multiple Quotes

Telemarketing prices do vary considerably.  It is wise to get a few different quotes from a few telemarketing agencies, in order to get a feel for experience and prices.  Shopping around for quotes is something that is essential in today’s world.  

It is not about comparing quotes in order to find the cheapest agency, as you would like insurance, but finding the ‘right’ telemarketing company for your holiday business.

Lead generation is really no different, as all agencies set their own rates.  Telemarketing for holiday companies is very important, and needs to be done for the right price.

If anything, for customer service, to make the customer feel they are wanted and appreciated.

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