Advertising For Holiday Companies

Holiday Advertising

Advertising for holiday companies is essential in this growing and competitive industry.  The problem is finding a suitable agency to handle your campaign.  Advertising for holiday businesses is different to other market sectors.  We do encourage you to work with an agency that knows the industry, that has worked in the holiday sector in the past.

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Do You Need Advertising?

Advertising for holiday companies is essential.  Both for brand awareness and actively getting new customers, advertising is essential.  The holiday sector is dominated by big brands on the high street (like Thompsons, now Tui), and the growing online holiday websites.  For smaller holiday companies, and the larger brands, advertising is an essential form of marketing.

What Kind Of Mediums Are There?

There are a few different advertising mediums available, depending on budget and market reach:

All the above forms of advertising have different price tags attached, so comparing prices is wise.  Like all price comparison websites, we encourage you to shop around and compare quotes.

How Much Would A Campaign Cost?

Advertising does not have to be expensive, however it is more about scattering of seeds rather than producing instant results.  Get quotes in order to find out a more comprehensive price.

Choosing An Agency

There are thousands of advertising agencies around the UK.  It is wise to select a company that has experience and a track record in the travel sector.  They are more likely to produce quicker and better results. They will know how the travel and holiday sector works.  They will know your competitors and what campaigns work for them.

Get Multiple Quotes

We always advice comparing a few quotes from agencies that know the industry.  Advertising for holiday companies can be expensive, so it is wise to compare quotes from local advertising agencies.

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