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PPC Advertising For Holiday CompaniesCompare 5 Quotes On Pay Per Click Marketing For UK Holiday Firms

Since most of us search for holidays online, PPC for holiday companies is essential.  

Competition is high and people are always looking for bargains.  

Just fill in the form opposite to get free advice and quotes from local PPC companies that have experience in the travel and holiday market.

Do Holiday Companies Need Paid Media?

Around 90% of all potential holiday makers use the internet to look for holidays.  

PPC for holiday companies is essential in today’s world.  The front page is dominated by the established brands such as Thomas Cook and Tui.  

However they may not hold all  holiday search terms.  

Paid advertising ensures that your business gets onto page 1 of search engines and can remain there 24 hrs a day (as long as you are willing to pay for it).  

Getting onto page 1 for any search term related for holidays is difficult, due to the competitive nature of the travel sector, so paid adverts are a great short cut.

We do advise when considering agencies to use one that has done marketing for holiday companies in the past.

How Much Would It Cost?

The cost of paid advertising can be split into two parts.  

The cost of the advertising (which goes to the search engine) and the cost of the management of your campaign (which goes to the agency).

Management fees sometimes are quite reasonable (a few hundred pounds a month or so) and sometimes into tens of thousands.  

But advertising costs will vary depending on budgets, the CPC (cost per click) and how long the adverts run for.  It may be expensive per click, due to the competitive nature of the sector.

Choosing An Agency

When considering using a paid advertising agency, it is very wise to use one that has experience of doing work for travel companies.  

Have they done advertising in the sector in the past?  If so which ones?  Are the campaigns successful?

Get Quotes

Shopping around for quotes is essential as with any price comparison website.  All agencies set their own rates, so PPC costs will vary.  PPC for holiday companies does not need to be expensive, just fill in the form to see.

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