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There are around 10 PR agencies in Bedford.  Many of which are smaller agencies that operate locally and with smaller regional businesses. 

There are around 15 marketing agencies in the city that offer public relations as part of a wider range of marketing support services.  

Generally to larger clients that are looking to outsource a number of marketing services that are not handled internally.  Services such as web development, digital marketing, and SEO.  With 15 public relations companies in Bedford to choose from, we can help you get local quotes from local experts.  If you needed web support, there are many website designers in Bedford you can talk with.

There are many reasons why PR is so effective for your company.

Just fill in the form to get quotes from 5 PR agencies in Bedford that know your industry sector.

Selecting Someone Local

It is always recommended to select a public relations company that is local.  As it makes communication so much easier if you can talk about something face to face without having to schedule a meeting far in advance. 

Phones and e-mail are great for confirmation and general chit chat, but if you are discussing campaigns and strategy then a meeting is essential.

Some points to consider:

  • Experience – Do they know your industry?  Have they worked with businesses like yours in the past?  Do they have established contacts in the media groups you will be considering?  This will speed up results.
  • Size – Choosing an agency that has the facilities to support your business is important.  If you are an international business, then selecting a company that has offices around the world is necessary.  If you are starting up a small business, then a freelancer will be more appropriate.
  • Cost – All agencies set their own fees so PR prices will vary, there is no industry standard.  So shopping around and comparing quotes is necessary.

As with many things these days, it is necessary to look around.  There are over 5,000 public relations agencies in the UK, all different, all capable of different things.  So finding the right one will take time and careful research.

Despite the number of agencies in the area, there are a number of PR agencies in Luton, just down the M1, should a suitable agency not be found in the Bedford.

A Few Words About Bedford

Bedford is the capital town of Bedfordshire and has a population of around 100,000 according to council statistics

The name of the town is thought to come from the then Saxon chief ‘Beda’ and linked with ‘ford’, meaning a crossing point on a river.

Bedford was a small agricultural town for many centuries, up until the 16th century when lace manufacture boomed in the town. 

The wool industry then took over, but as this declined it became better known for the brewing of beer.

As the 19th century came in, engineering and car manufacture began to rise, and coupled with Luton, the area became known for its engineering services.  Bedfordshire university has 14,000 students.

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