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There are about 30 PR agencies in Romford, ranging from smaller public relations firms and freelance journalists who work from home, up to larger marketing agencies that prefer not to pay London rates.  

There are also several PR companies in Romford that work in key market sectors.

The area has some 40 larger marketing companies that offer public relations as part of a broader range of marketing services, such as web design, SEO and advertising, generally to larger companies that need a broader support in their marketing.

Just fill in the form to get free quotes and advice from public relations companies in Romford that know your industry sector.

Choosing Someone Local

There are over 1,000 PR agencies in London, and the town itself does have a wide selection of firms both small and large. For any company working with someone local is always preferable to working with an agency that may be based hundreds of miles away. 

Even though the UK is quite small and most places can be reached within a few hours, someone that is just 10 minutes drive away is more likely to give better service, than someone that is hours away and you only communicate with via e-mail or ‘phone.

Meetings are very helpful, not just in the communication process, but in knowing exactly the kind of agency you are working with. 

Any company can make claims on their website, about awards they have won, about the experience they have, and often do; therefore a meeting is necessary, as you do not want to employ ‘an award winning agency’ that is actually a student working from his parents’ house!

Choosing an agency that has experience in your industry is also very wise, as there are thousands of agencies.  All have experience in various sectors, such as healthcare PR, finance PR or education, so selecting one that has worked in your sector may be the most important criteria to consider. 

An experienced agency should know your market, the media publications, the way your sector works, and know your competitors.

Compare Multiple Prices

All PR agencies in Romford set their own rates, there are no standard PR prices as all have their own fee structures. One important thing to bear in mind is that all are private companies and therefore profit making, with their own overheads and costs. 

Shopping around and comparing quotes is part of today’s behaviour, and applies to all aspects of marketing, including public relations.  

As a price comparison website, we want to help you find the best agency for the lowest price. The ideal is finding a company that knows your industry and can obtain quick results for you.  While it is true that a good agency with good experience is worth paying more for, high prices do not necessarily mean better results.

A Few Words About Romford

Romford is a town in Essex, toward the north east boundary of Greater London, and has a population of about 40,000 according to council figures.

It was first recorded in 1177 as ‘Romfort’, which is an Old English word meaning ‘wide ford’, referring to the River Rom, and possibly the site of a road going from Colchester to London crossing the river.  

Romford developed in the Middle Ages as a market town.

Romford Market was established in 1247, and the area was known as an agricultural area, being the location of many mills that were used to grind corn. 

In the 15th – late 19th centuries it was known for leather work in particular, but also work such as cloth manufacture, brewing, metal work, and charcoal production.

It was an important coaching town and the main road to London was maintained by the Middlesex and Essex Turnpike Trust.

There were at one point over 1,000 similar trusts that were set up to collect road taxes to maintain the roads. 

In 1839, the railways appeared in the town and this boosted the growth of the town bringing it closer to London. These days it is a suburban overflow of London.

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