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There are over 100 PR agencies in Scotland, ranging from leading firms in Edinburgh and Glasgow to freelance journalists. 

There are over 1,000 marketing companies that offer this as an addition to their portfolio of services, such as digital design, advertising services and web development

Most of these are located in the capital cities of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Dundee; however there are many smaller ones located in smaller towns and villages.  

There are many PR agencies in Scotland that work in specific industry sectors.

Just fill out the form to get quotes from PR companies in Scotland that know your industry sector.

Choosing Someone You Like

With hundreds of public relations companies in Scotland to choose from, selecting the right one for your business can be difficult.

  • Should you choose a local one?
  • Should you choose a smaller one that can offer a more personal service?
  • Should you choose an expensive one – as paying more should guarantee results?
  • Should you ask for a recommendation?

Generally it is wise to work with a local agency, as you can ensure better value for money, with the advantage of being able to meet with them regularly and discuss ROI.  Media coverage can be a great way to develop and maintain your brand.

Compare Prices For Public Relations

All PR companies in Scotland charge different rates, some very low prices, due to them being freelancers or new to the sector, and some very high rates, reflecting high overheads, large staff numbers and directors’ salaries.

But choosing the right agency is important, not just on the issue of cost, but also on the basis of their industry experience and capabilities.

Experience counts for everything; if the firm knows your market place, they should know how to position your brand and message in the media, including which media publications to contact for you. 

In any market knowledge is power, and there should be a quick turn around between contacting the media and getting the publicity wheels turning.

It is important thing to remember that all PR agencies in Scotland set their own PR prices depending on their overheads, profit margins and experience.

A Few Words About Scotland

Scotland is known for three things:

  • Its booming industry in cities such as Glasgow and Aberdeen
  • Whiskey production
  • The Scottish culture

Cities like Edinburgh have been fashionable places to live for centuries and as such Edinburgh has become a hub of the financial industry in the UK, with companies such as RBS, Halifax, HBOS & Standard Life having main offices in Edinburgh.

Scotland has a rich history very different to other areas of the UK, wild in many ways partly due to areas of remote and untamed landscape, but also the historic clan system which has created a very different kind of people to other areas of the UK.

Scotlands most famous export, golf set aside, is some of the worlds finest whiskies with hundreds of different distilleries yielding island whisky, to highland, to lowland, each with their own unique taste. 

The main reason for the difference in taste is the water that is used, giving each whisky a unique character based on where the water came from, and what minerals it picked up in the filtering process through the natural bedrock.

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