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There are around 15 PR agencies in Middlesbrough, most of which are smaller PR firms and freelancers. 

There are around 10 marketing companies that offer public relations along with other marketing services, such as web design, branding and SEO, to be able to help clients who have a broader range of marketing needs.  

There are in addition several PR agencies in Middlesbrough that offer a specific industry focus.  There are also many PR agencies in Newcastle that may be suited.

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from 5 local PR agencies in Middlesbrough that know your industry sector.

Choosing An Agency

It makes good sense to select from local PR companies in Middlesbrough.  In working with someone who is local, there is a sense of loyalty and commitment that seldom occurs with an agency that is several hours car journey away.

Local agencies are careful to protect their reputation with the local business community, and then there is also the advantage of easier scheduling of meetings.  The agencies should be able to manage traditional and online PR campaigns.  There are a few smaller PR companies in nearby Darlington which may be of interest?

Meet The Agency

Meetings play a vital role in establishing an effective campaign.  Communication that is limited to e-mail or telephone is less satisfactory, and in order for the agency you choose to fully understand your needs, objectives and work on strategies with you, regular meetings are needed. A meeting also gives the chance for you to get to know your account manager, meet the PR team, confirm that they are who they claim to be, and are not, for example,  really based in India. 

There are lots of PR agencies in Yorkshire that can help but using one that is local is wiser than one that is based miles away.

  • Industry Experience

Selecting a media agency that knows your industry is important, perhaps more so than location.  There are lots of firms in the area, and many more PR agencies in Newcastle nearby.

  • Size

Select one that is able to offer you the best kind of support; if you are a small business, then working with a global firm is not really necessary.

  • Cost

All agencies charge their own rates, and there is no industry standard.  Obtaining advice and comparing PR prices from several companies is wise in order to avoid overspending.

A Few Things About Middlesbrough

It is just south of Teeside  and is in the very North of Yorkshire; it has a population of around 150,000 according to council statistics.

Owing to it’s location on the east coast of England, the area was subject to Viking raids and as such, many surrounding towns and villages have strong Viking roots, names and heritage.

In 1801, it was a small hamlet of just 25 people living in four farmhouses.

As the industrial revolution spread throughout the next 50 years, it experienced growth unseen in any other part of the country at this time.

The area saw massive growth thanks to civil engineering, the railways, bridges over the River Tees, transport links up and down the east coast, and above all coal.  

The city carries the honour of being the first target of the Luftwaffe during the Second World War, due to its importance in the engineering and shipping industry. 

It saw many air raids during the war.

Today industry strength lies with the production of chemicals and steel, through smaller companies that are part of the North-east of England Process Industry Cluster.

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