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There are around 20 PR agencies in Colchester, most of which are freelance journalists that work from home or smaller firms that work from rented offices around the town.  

Many marketing agencies in Colchester have PR facilities available in addition to digital marketing services, 

There are also 5 PR companies in Colchester that have specific industry experience. Colchester has some 30 marketing companies that offer public relations as part of a wider selection of marketing services, such as graphic design & animation, website services, SEO, and advertising, for larger companies that need a broader marketing support than just PR.

There are a number of website designers in Colchester that can help your PR campaign on the web and social media.

Just complete the form to get free quotes and advice from PR companies in Colchester that know your industry.

Choosing A Firm

There are nearly 500 PR agencies in Essex for local businesses to choose from, so care needs to be given to which one is selected. In general there are a number of important factors to consider when selecting an agency to work with:

  • Local – If the agency is based local to you, this is ideal, as a meeting can be organised easily.  These do play an important role in communication; value for money can be assured when you are meeting with the firm regularly, and keeping tabs on what they are up to.  Review meetings can also be arranged without too much difficulty in order to access how they are performing, such as whether or not they are achieving good press coverage and return on your investment.


  • Experience – Does the agency know anything about your product/service?  All agencies have different industry experience.  Some having mounted campaigns mainly in the medical, automotive or agricultural sectors, for example.  So select one that has worked in your market.  Someone that knows your industry, knows your competitors, and knows how to effectively position you in the media. To get you maximum exposure for the lowest investment.


  • Meetings – As already stated, meetings are essential, as many businesses these days may make embellished claims on their websites about awards, and clients they have worked with; you never know who you are working with until you meet with them and spend time with them.  The closer that you work with an agency, the more value you can get from their support.

Selecting a marketing partner that is the right size is also something to consider, do they have sufficient resources to help? 

If you are a global firm, working with a freelancer that has not ties to the global media is not really wise, as they may be more in tune with local press and church magazines.

As there are so many media relations agencies around, there is a good selection for local companies to choose from, not to mention the many thousands of PR agencies in London close by.

Compare Public Relations Costs

All PR agencies in Colchester set their own fees; therefore PR costs will vary from one to another.

Generally, the larger an agency is, the more they will charge.   

This is mainly due to the overheads, number of staff and directors; the larger the agency, the higher their running costs and higher their profit margins. 

Larger public relations companies do tend to have more experience and can justify their higher costs by means of their media reach; however this does not guarantee results.

At the end of the day sales results, and the image projected of your firm, are the things that matter; are they going to get you the coverage that results in good exposure and rocketing sales?

Also, different companies set different charges and the way they work with clients. 

Some charge per month, a monthly retainer that is based on the coverage needed.  Some charge per year, as the campaign can be more long term.  Some charge on a results only basis, the cost only applies to when articles are published in target media.

Most firms these days do incorporate online PR as part of the campaign, which does have knock-on benefits with SEO and exposure for a company’s website.

A Few Words About Colchester

Colchester is in Essex, in the South-East of England.

As it is the oldest recorded Roman town it is considered to be the oldest town in the country, and has a population of just over a hundred thousand (according to government stats).

Colchester has a mixed past, from time of the Roman occupation, with the sacking of the town by Queen Boudica in AD43, and the consequent shift of it being the capital of England to London.

It was a thriving area in the Medieval period as fabric and wool production was booming in the area, and much was exported to mainland Europe in the fifteenth century.

These days, much of the town is known for its Victorian architecture; despite having a varied range of period styles, it is the Victorian that can mainly be found around the town.

The University of Essex is on the outskirts of the town, and industries include automotive and engine manufacture, and tourism.

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