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There are around 20 PR companies in Redditch, most of which are freelancers and smaller companies.

Finding the right PR agency in Redditch for your business can be a challenge since all PR companies are different.  Different sizes, different experience with the media and of course, different industry experience.

There are some 20 larger marketing companies in Redditch that offer this service as part of their marketing mix, such as branding and design.  There are also a few PR companies in Bromsgrove that can provide you with a quote if needed?

Why is PR effective as a marketing tool?  It can be low cost and high impact.

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from PR companies in Redditch that know your industry.

Do You Have A PR Brief?

Many PR companies in Redditch will ask you if you have a PR brief.

A PR brief is basically an outline of what you expect, what you are looking for and who you are.  Rather than an hours conversation on the phone, having a PR brief to hand makes things a lot easier.

Here is an overview of what you can include in a PR brief:

  • A background of your business
  • An overview of what your business does
  • Your business objectives
  • Your PR objectives
  • KPS’s
  • Your target audience
  • Your competition
  • Your challenges
  • Your timescales
  • Your budget

As you can see, discussing each of these over the phone or face to face will take time and having a PR brief to hand will ensure that everyone saves time and nothing is missed out.

This is important for any PR company in Redditch as they can quickly determine whether they are able to help you or not.

  • Do they know your industry?
  • Have they connections to journalists in your target media?
  • Can they meet your timescales
  • Is your budget realistic/too low for them/too high for them?

If you are a small company or startup and have a budget of £500 a month, talking to a large PR company that handles campaigns of £10,000 a month will not be helpful.

Equally, if you are a national business in Redditch and are talking to a freelance PR agency, or a small boutique agency in Redditch, they may not have the resources to help you or the experience with the media.

The Benefits Of Public Relations

Every business is different and each has a different story to tell.

This could be an office move, a new appointment of a CEO, an office fire or reacting to a scandal.

Here are a few benefits that public relations can bring your company:

  • Increasing your brand recognition
  • Connecting with your target audience
  • Building your brand image
  • Maintaining brand reputation
  • Increasing visibility of your products/services.
  • Building relationships
  • Attracting new investors
  • Providing value to your customers

This can be incorporated into your PR brief in terms of what you are looking to achieve from a public relations campaign.

Choosing Someone Local

There is a wide choice of public relations companies around the local area to consider.  It makes sense to work with a local agency rather than one that is several hours drive away, the main benefit being that a meeting can easily be scheduled to have that all important face to face contact, and to talk through ideas and strategies.  

If you feel that local agencies are really not up to the job, then there are around 100 PR agencies in Birmingham that are more than capable of assisting with campaigns for you in the area.

The main consideration is whether the campaign is a smaller local campaign, or if it is more national or even international.  Generally speaking smaller PR agencies in Redditch are better suited to smaller campaigns for local exposure and press coverage, whereas if you are looking for national or international exposure, then a larger firm or marketing company are more applicable.

Did you have a PR brief available, or an idea of the campaign objectives?

Marketing in 2021 does need to involve the media whether it is for specific press releases or just general exposure.

Engaging With The Media

What you do not want is for the PR company in Redditch to submit your press release on an online press realise website like PR Newswire and then do nothing else.

You want them to engage with the media, talk to journalists and work for you.

Anyone can put together a press release and then use an online press release service, and hope it is picked up by Google News, CNN or your industry media.  You want the PR company to work for you, to talk to a flesh and blood person to get you featured.

This ties into industry experience.  Do they know the media for your industry (medical, healthcare, farming etc.) and have connections within the industry.

You want the PR company to talk to journalists and push for your press release to be on page 1.

Compare Multiple Prices

As all PR companies in Redditch are independent, all will offer different rates and PR prices.  Finding the right agency with the right experience and right resources is important, but cost is also very important.  

Comparing quotes is not about finding the cheapest PR company in Redditch, but the right one for your company that can get you media exposure and boost your brand.

It is wise to shop around and compare prices to avoid overpaying unnecessarily.

A Few Words About Redditch

It is located in the West Midlands situated just south of Birmingham.

 It is thought to date from around 1348, and was referred to as ‘Red-Dytch’, with reference to finding red clay in the nearby River Arrow.  

Redditch was the centre for the needle making industry.  

At one point over 90% of the worlds needles were manufactured in the town, and also the fishing tackle industry.  

Redditch was also where the Royal Enfield Motorbikes were manufactured, until 1967 when the factory was closed; the factory did manufacture lawnmowers, motorbikes, and stationery engines.  

It currently has around 100,000 inhabitants according to council stats and is growing as Birmingham expands.

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