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As the traditional mining industry has been reduced in the areas around the town, other businesses have moved in. PR agencies in Chesterfield are one such business that has filled the gap. 

There are around 30 firms in the area, mainly smaller marketing agencies but some that provide additional marketing services.  Other than just public relations, such as website design, graphic design and advertising, commonly called ‘full service’ agencies.  

There are in addition around 10 public relations companies that offer specific industry focus.  Should you need web support, there are lots of website designers in Chesterfield that can provide you with a quote.

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Selecting A Local Agency

Working with a local company is always preferable.  As there is always a stronger bond between local firms, than there is in working with an agency that is hundreds of miles away.

Working with a local firm brings the added benefit of being able to schedule meetings easily.  As they are local any frequent visits that may become necessary are not unreasonable.  Certainly such meetings are essential before the campaign starts.  For them to get a  clear understanding and how to present your business.  Follow up meetings, once the campaign is running are also important, to review progress and return on investment (ROI).

The choice of an agency needs to be made with experience in mind.  If they have worked in your industry before; know how your market works, then they should be able to get a much more efficient campaign going.  There is also the fact that an experienced agency will have established media contacts in place.  So once the campaign gets under way, quicker, resulting in a quicker ROI.

Compare Public Relation Prices

All PR agencies in Chesterfield are private companies and therefore are profit driven.  Comparing PR prices is necessary to ensure that you do not overspend.  Sometimes, you  get what you pay for, but not always.  public relations prices vary significantly, so comparison is essential.

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Chesterfield In A Few Words

Chesterfield is the largest town in Derbyshire, with a population of  just over 100,000 (according to council stats).  

It is known for having one of the largest open air markets in Britain. 

It benefited from having large coal reserves at a time when the railways were being constructed in the early 19th century.  

This meant a rise in the town’s economy and income.

One of the most famous landmarks in Derbyshire is the crooked steeple of St Mary and All Saints, which took up an unusual form due to the use of green timber when it was originally constructed in 1360. 

Like many of the surrounding Derbyshire towns, Chesterfield has suffered as a result of the coal mines closing.

Many manufacturing companies have reduced in size or moved out of the area.  But there remains a wealth of small scale firms on several industrial estates, and the future holds promise.

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