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There are around 10 PR agencies in Cheltenham that offer media support, most of these are smaller agencies that work for SME’s in the Midlands.  

There are around 25 ‘full service marketing agencies’ locally that offer public relations services along with other areas of marketing.  Services such as advertising, branding and SEO as a more complete marketing package.  

  If you needed web support, there are a few web designers in Cheltenham that could help out.

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Selecting An Agency

Working with someone local is always preferable to working with a firm that is hundreds of miles away for several reasons:

  • Loyalty – with local suppliers there is normally more loyalty and commitment  than one that is miles away
  • Meetings – these are a necessary part of the communication process
  • Relationship – meeting people and discussing matters face to face is much better than communicating by e-mail or ‘phone

Quizzing a company about their experience should give you a feel for whether they are suited to develop your campaign or not.  A PR agency can help with maintaining and building your brand post COVID as part of the overall strategy for media exposure.

If they know your product/service then chances are they will be able to do a better job of generating you media exposure.

Also looking at their client portfolio should show what sectors they have worked in previously.  If they have already worked for firms similar to yours, then they have probably identified the key publications to use  They will also have contacts to speed the return on your investment.

The World Has Changed

Since COVID landed, we have entered a new age of marketing, and PR has had to adapt also.

Many agencies have staff working from home, but this can still deliver you good media results.

Over the last couple of decades, public relations has shifted online, onto websites like PR fire, that will be used to distribute your articles.

Compare Prices From PR Companies In Cheltenham

All public relations companies are unique; as there are no standard rates, they tend to charge what they feel is appropriate for their services.  This is based on their size, their experience, their overheads and profit margins.  As all businesses are looking for cost savings these days, comparing PR prices is necessary.

Just fill in the form to obtain advice and quotations from local public relations companies in Cheltenham.

A Few Words About Cheltenham

Cheltenham has a population of 115,000 according to the council website.

It is in the north of Gloucestershire and, thanks to a naturally occurring spring of mineral water discovered in 1716, it is a spa town, like Buxton, Harrogate and Bath.

Another unrelated claim to fame is its horse racing.

It is now a hub for industries such as engineering, aerospace and electronics.

The Head Office of GCHQ is to be found here.

The first British jet powered aircraft (Gloster E.28/39) was built in Gloucester in 1939, but it never saw military action, as only two prototypes were ever built.

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