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There are around 30 PR agencies in Bristol.  These range from larger media companies, that work with top brands around the world, down to smaller firms and freelancers working from home. 

In addition, there are also around 100 marketing companies that offer public relations as part of a broader package of marketing services.  Services such as graphic design, web design support, and advertising.  In addition there are many PR companies in Bristol that focus on specific industry sectors.  

If you were looking for web support in addition to media support, there are a wide range of web designers in Bristol that could help.

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from 5 PR companies in Bristol that know your industry sector. 

Choosing An Expert

As there are so many PR agencies in Somerset to choose from, working with someone local is only logical.  As Bristol has so many agencies to choose from, selecting someone local should be fairly simple.

Even though the world is becoming more web and e-mail orientated, meetings do play an important role in the communication process.  

Meetings give a chance to discuss different approaches, different strategies and look at different objectives for the campaign.   Working with a local agency is only logical rather than one that is based in London or even further afield.  

When considering PR agencies in Bristol to partner with, selecting one that understands your industry is very important.  If they have worked with clients in your market they should have a good understanding of how to position you in order to get you the best results.  

With any kind of marketing, success is only measured in terms of the amount of business that results.  An agency that knows your market, has contacts in the various media groups stands a better chance of getting you those results.

Compare Multiple Quotes

Finding a great PR agency that can produce massive amounts of business is important.  But paying through the nose for it is not good.  All public relations companies are private companies, and are in business to make profit.  

Generally the larger the agency, the higher their profit margins.  Freelancers tend to have the lowest profit margins, but also less facilities available.

Shopping around for quotes is part of life these days, as a lot of agencies have different rates (and in particular agencies charging different PR prices) getting the best value for money is important.  

Bearing in mind the UK is still in recession since COVID, companies need to ensure they spend less and get more value for money.

A Few Words About Bristol

Bristol is a cathedral city in Somerset in the south west of England with a population of around half a million.

Historically it was an important sea port and much of it’s history is related to the maritime industry.

The old English word for Bristol is Brycgstow’ which means ‘the place at the bridge‘ and there is good archeological evidence of Iron Age occupation in the area. 

Silver pennies have been found dating to the 10th century that bear the city’s name, and showing that there was a mint in the city.

By the time the Normans took over Britain in 1066, they established here one of the strongest castles in the nation in 1088.

Today main industries include aeronautics, information technology and financial services.

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