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There are around 20 PR agencies in Cardiff.  Ranging from larger agencies (that support some of the larger businesses based in Cardiff) down to freelance consultants that operate from home or rented offices around the city.  

There are also around 5 PR companies in Cardiff that focus on specific industry sectors such as medical or engineering.  There are in addition a wide range of website designers in Cardiff that can help with web applications.

There are hundreds of marketing companies in Wales, some of which offer public relations as part of the marketing mix of services to clients they work with, such as website design, animation and branding, and exhibition stand design services.

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Choosing A Marketing Partner

For businesses in Wales working with a local agency is important.  As travel can be difficult due to the topography of the road network.  As Cardiff has such a wide selection of PR agencies it only makes sense to work with someone local.

It is always recommended to try to meet with a few firms in order to get a really good feel for their services and to get to know them.  It also gives them a chance to get to know you. 

Many businesses these days exaggerate on their website about their awards.  About their their track record, their experience, or their client list.  

So meeting up and chatting things through will help lay fears to rest and avoid disappointment.  A meeting also gives the chance to discuss things such as strategy and PR objectives.  This gives the agency the chance to focus 100% on your needs, as opposed to reading an e-mail.

Choosing a partner that has experience in your industry is possibly one of the most important considerations when selecting an agency to represent you.  As all PR agencies in Cardiff carry different experience based on their track record and client portfolio. 

Many agencies these days choose to specialise in specific industries, such as travel, finance, engineering, and healthcare.  So selecting one that has worked in your market is important.  There are a wide variety of PR companies in Wales to choose from.

They will know the media groups to talk to and how to position you in the sector.  They will know how your competition are being represented and understand your market trends.

Industry experience can be discussed at a face to face meeting, which is another good reason for arranging to meet with a local agency. 

Review meetings are also a good idea, to find out how they are performing and whether or not they are achieving a good return on your investment.

Compare Prices

When looking at PR agencies in Cardiff, it is wise to shop around and get a range of quotes.  As all agencies set their own fees which vary considerably.  

PR prices are decided by the individual agency and there is no industry standard rate.  A good rule of thumb is that the larger the firm, the higher their costs will be, as they have higher overheads.  They have more staff, higher profit margins, more holidays and larger offices, than smaller firms or freelancers around Cardiff.

The cheapest agency does not necessarily give the best service or results.  However the most expensive agency will not necessarily give the best PR coverage.  Choosing a company on price alone is not the way to find the ‘best’ as all agencies are different.

A Few Words About The City

Cardiff is the largest city in Wales and is the capital of the country; based in the south of Wales Cardiff has a population of around 350,000 according to the local council.

The name comes from the Roman name ‘Caerdydd’ which is the Welsh name for the city.  This being the meaning ‘the fort on the taff’, the river on which the castle/fort is situated.

Originally founded by the Romans it was a bustling city up until the time of the Norman conquest in 1066. 

When the Normans arrived in 1081, William I built a stone keep over the existing Roman fort adding to the defensive capabilities.

During the middle ages up to the 15th century, it had a population of around 1,500 – 2,000, which was about average for Welsh cities.

The city remained this size until the docks were built in 1793 which boosted trade with Bristol.

During the 19th century, it grew due to the Industrial Revolution and the mining industry.  

Manufacturing was also a key industry that continued to grow right up to the point that manufacturing left the UK.  This lead to much unemployment in Cardiff.

Today businesses who base their offices here include DVLA, Legal & General, British Gas, HBOS, Zurich & BT.

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