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There are around 20 PR agencies in Darlington; most of these are smaller firms and freelance copywriters.  

There are around 30 marketing agencies that are based in the town that offer public relations as part of a wider range of marketing services.  

Generally for larger businesses, such as logo design, advertising and web development services.  

There are a few larger PR companies in Middlesborough should you need a larger agency.

Selecting A Local Agency

Rather than you selecting an agency that is miles away, it makes more sense to work with someone local.  As there is an ample number of PR agencies in Darlington, there is a good selection.

It is always good to meet up with the agency, to gain an impression, and also to meet with them team and get to know them.  

At the initial meeting there is the opportunity to talk about their experience.  Have a look at their track history to see if they have previously been active in your sector of interest.  Then you can judge how quickly they can get results.

Since COVID has effected the way we do business, a ZOOM meeting may be another option.

Most businesses want press coverage to commence quickly after the campaign starts and the meeting is a good place to discuss that.  Working with a local agency also means that review meetings relatively easy to schedule.  To review their progress and look at ways by which the campaign can be improved.

Compare Prices

Cost is always an issue, and with the recession cost is more of a factor than ever.  PR prices vary between agencies, so it is well worth comparing quotes.  

This is to see what the different PR companies in Darlington would charge for your campaign, and to ensure that overspending does not occur.

An Overview Of Darlington

It is situated in the North of England in County Durham, and was originally called ‘Dearthington’ by the Anglo Saxons, which is believed to have meant ‘the settlement of Deornoth’s people’.  It was always a small market town up until the 19th century, when a few powerful Quaker families began to expand and develop the town by investing and employing the local population.

It is known for its railway history, and became an important town for the railway industry in terms of manufacturing and production.  It has since been associated with engineering, in particular bridge building and civil engineering, and has some 110,000 inhabitants according the to local council.

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