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There are over 20 PR agencies in Nottingham, ranging from some larger firms that work with larger UK clients, down to smaller agencies and freelancers. 

As the city is quite central in the UK, it is a good location for a firm to be based, as they can service clients across a broad area.  In addition, it also has some 30 larger marketing companies, that offer public relations along with a broader range of marketing services, such as digital design, website development and direct marketing.  

There are PR companies in Nottingham that offer a specific industry focus.  If you needed web support, there are many website designers in Nottingham that can be of help.  There are many marketing companies in Nottingham that can offer all marketing services.

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from PR agencies in Nottingham that know your industry sector. 

Choosing Someone Local

Keeping things local is always a wise thing to do, as it enables you to be able to meet with the agency regularly.  The personal touch seems to be overlooked these days.  

However the level of communication necessary in PR does require a level of understanding that surpasses swapping e-mails or an occasional ‘phone call. 

The agency needs to know your product/service inside out, in order to represent you in the media.  To talk about you with a level of knowledge and understanding that is not wishy-washy.

Selecting a PR company that knows your industry from previous experience most desirable, as they will know how your market works, who the key players are, who your competitors are, and also what publications to represent you in.

All this close co-operation should achieve speedier results, and a better return of investment, which as the economy is now hopefully slowly recovering is an important factor.

Compare Prices

Cost is always going to be a factor, and no matter what promises are given, PR prices do need to be kept in check.  All PR companies in Nottingham charge different rates depending on their experience, their staff numbers, salaries, directors and premises.

With marketing, the cheapest price does not generally represent the best, and sometimes paying extra for quality is wise; so there is the need to be shrewd. 

Ask the firm for testimonials and check them out, talk to some of their current clients to see how their campaigns are going, are they getting return on investment; are they seeing the results they hoped for?

Some PR agencies charge on results, some charge on a monthly basis, and some require a long term commitment.  Deciding which is the best model is personal preference and needs to be selected with consideration for results, experience and skills.

A Few Words About Nottingham

Nottingham is of course world famous for its Sheriff, or ‘Shire Reeve’, and the ancient legend of Robyn Hode, which may be part fact and part myth.  

King Richard and  Prince John cannot be denied, and there is the grave of ‘Little John’, in Hathersage, Derbyshire; Robin’s being in Kirklees Priory.

Not much is known about Robin other than the tales and folk stories that have passed down the years.

Nottingham university got university status in 1948.

For its growth Nottingham has to thank the lace industry, that grew around the Industrial Revolution, tobacco, and the manufacture of bicycles.  

Due to its rather central location, Nottingham plays host to many leading businesses such as Speedo, Siemens and Boots.  

Which is another good reason for marketing companies to base themselves in this interesting city. Currently the population is around 300,000 according to council data.

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