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There are over 30 PR agencies in Powys scattered around the county, mainly smaller firms that consist of a few staff or freelancers who work from home.  

Due to the terrain, most PR agencies migrate to the larger towns and cities nearby, Chester to the north and Cardiff to the south.  There are a number of PR companies in Wales that have a specific industry focus.

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Using Someone Local

Powys has always been known for its rugged terrain, and getting around has always been a timely process.  Therefore as a business in the county, you can either work with a local agency or with another company in the area.  

Being based in Wales it makes sense to keep the contact local, as you can easily schedule meetings, but also you are keeping business local where local reputations are important, and loyalties apply.  

Much of the Welsh industry has been exported, so keeping work in Wales where possible will only bring prosperity to the nation.

Compare Prices From PR Agencies In Powys

The recession is particularly affecting companies around Wales, so the need to be careful with the pennies is something of a necessity.  

The cheaper PR companies in Powys do not necessarily mean they are the best, however it is very wise to shop around and see what is on offer.

PR prices do vary between the agencies in Powys, so it is wise to compare quotes.

An Overview Of Powys

Powys is the largest county in Wales, and is made up of smaller towns and villages.  The population is around 150,000 according to stats, and are said to live in the happiest place in the UK, according to one survey.  Powys is known for the mining of coal in the Black Mountains, and also for having the best habitat in the UK for the Red Kite (and it would seem for people as well!).

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