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There are over 20 PR agencies in Stockport, ranging from smaller agencies up to larger national public relations companies.  

In addition, Stockport has a number of marketing agencies that offer public relations as part of a combination of marketing services.  

There are PR companies in Stockport that focus on specific industry sectors.  Should you need web support, there are a wide range of local web designers around Stockport that can help you out.  There are also a few PR companies in Crewe you could talk to if you are based in the south of the city?

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from PR agencies in Stockport that know your industry sector. 

Working With PR Agencies In Stockport

Stockport has a diverse range of businesses spanning a wide variety of industries.  For local companies it is advised to consider working with a local agency, as opposed to selecting one that is hundreds of miles away. The advantage of working with a local company is that there will be the added loyalty of supporting a local business, along with more accountability. 

Being able easily schedule meetings does give the opportunity to come to know the agency, the staff, and also to determine how well they know your industry. Experience is an important a factor to consider when it comes to selecting a public relations company. Choosing someone who is familiar with your industry means the should have a better idea of which media groups to target.  

Also they will have the contacts already in place to talk to quickly; so they will be able to launch your campaign with minimal difficulty and cost. After several months of a campaign running, it is essential to have a review. This is to see how the campaign is going; whether the results are in line with the marketing plan, but also to discover where improvements could be made.  To have a meeting should encourage the agency to work towards achieving results on time, and reaching milestones for you.

Compare Costs From PR Agencies In Stockport

Every business around the UK is looking for cost savings.  Comparing prices is the only way to ensure that you are not over paying for PR support. Quality and experience are indeed important when selecting an agency, but so is shopping around to get an idea of average PR prices.

Stockport In A Few Words

There is evidence that the town recorded as ‘Stokeport’ in 1170 was inhabited during the mesolithic period during 3500 BC.  

The Romans were thought to have had a fort in the area and there are Anglo Saxon remains; but Stockport is not mentioned in the Domesday book of 1086.

Stockport was always a small suburb alongside the ever-growing Manchester, a centre for rope production and hemp during the 16th century. 

During the 19th century the industry shifted to the cotton industry and hatting; silk weaving was also a big industry, however this too died when foreign imports were started.  

Current population according to council records is just under 300,000.

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