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Advice Before Selecting The Right Website Designer

Need Help Selecting The Right Website Designer?

The UK has over 10,000 website designers, overwhelmed yet?  Some advice before selecting the right website designer is to consider the criteria that you have.

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Before you consider going to a web designer, there are a few aspects that first need to be considered, and are all things that the designer will ask before they can submit a quote or provide you with ideas, or a probable costing.

Have A Brief Of Your Website

A good piece of advice before selecting the right website designer is to put together a website brief.  A website brief , or site map, is an overview of what your website will look like once created.  It is a little like an architect’s plan before the house is built; the brief gives a web designer some idea of what it is that you have in mind.  The website designer can then add or detract according to your thoughts and their creative input.

Have A Budget To Work To

Some advice before selecting the right website designer is set a budget.  No doubt you appreciate that website design prices do vary, ranging anywhere between £300 to £300,000.  So if you already have a rough amount in mind, this will allow you to quickly discover what is affordable.

It also gives the web designer an idea as to what sort of site he might be able to create for you.  The internet has a variety of sites on it from top websites costing mega money, to small budget cheap websites.

Have A Rough Idea Of Content

Good advice before selecting the right website designer is consider your content.  A web designer does not really get involved in writing the ‘copy’ for your website, this is something that either you would do yourself, or employ a copywriter.  Content is key, so if you have an idea of what ‘stuff’ you want on the site, this makes the designer’s job easier, and allows them to focus on the design and mechanics of your website rather than the content.

Have An Idea Of Page Numbers

An important piece of advice before selecting the right website designer is think on how big you want to the website to be.  Generally the greater the number of pages a website has, the higher the cost of design will be.

Websites range from one page sites up to thousands, so if you have an idea of how many pages you require on the site, this should give you a more accurate view of  how much it might cost.

Having determined these aspects, you can then consider which website designer would be best to use, which happily we can help you with. In brief, you are best to select someone local, and who already has experience in your type of business, in terms of the websites he has previously designed.  You can either use google to search for them, or the form to the right.

If you would like help in selecting the right website designer for your business, please fill in the form.

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