The Benefits Of Outsourcing Marketing

Consider The Benefits Of Outsourcing Marketing To An ExpertConsider The Benefits Of Outsourcing Marketing

Every business needs to do marketing in one form or another.  

Many opt on outsourcing marketing, just because employing staff directly is a lot of hassle.  

Outsourcing marketing is popular both for new companies and also established brands.

When considering outsourcing your marketing, industry experience is something that plays a very important roll.  Marketing is all about communication, and communicating something you do not understand is asking for trouble.

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Saving Money By Outsourcing Marketing

The cost of employing a marketing department can be very high (and a lot of pressure for a small company). 

A manager would cost around £65,000 per annum + associated costs, plus 1-2 more staff to look after the company website, PR and marketing meaning the cost to the company comes close to £100K p.a

Control Of Internal Marketing

The benefits of keeping marketing internal would be control.  

As your staff are all in house, you can keep a tighter reign on how the campaigns are going (on-line and off-line). The downsides would be potential training and staffing issues. 

Once you bring on a new member of staff, you will need to train them and allow for a learning curve as they get to know your company and industry. 

This added to the staffing costs, holidays, sickness can mean that it is quite expensive to keep the marketing in house.

Outsource To An Industry Expert

There are many marketing companies in the UK that are specialists in different industry sectors.  

So for a fraction of the annual cost, you can outsource to a specialist company that knows your industry and has a track record at getting results. This may well result in quicker results (as industry experts know the sector you are in.  

They know where to target your campaign and how to do it with a view of getting the quickest of results) but also save you money through it being external. The hassles of employment will also not apply if you choose to use an external company.  

Which will also include full accountability for planning and running of your campaign.

Consider The Cost Benefits

If you are considering outsourcing marketing, you need to weigh up the cost benefits vs changing costs. 

Indeed it does bring cost savings, but you loose the skills that have nurtured within the staff.

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