Website Design For Electronics Companies

Website Design For Electronics CompaniesWebsite Design For Your Electronics Brand

Website design for electronics companies is important, both for selling and for marketing.  

Websites are an essential tool for any company these days, but for companies that are an even more essential tool.  

Design makes you stand out and website design for electronics companies is essential.

UK Electronics

The industry has been moving offshore for many decades now and only a very small amount exists in the UK.  Considering the investment that offshore electronics companies put into their websites, UK companies should at least match this.  

Leading companies include Philips and Fujitsu. Websites act as a shop window for any business.  For this reason, the look and feel is important as well as functionality.

Features Of A UK Electronics Website

When considering creative experts, there are a number of features need to make them efficient.  

Also a useful marketing tool to draw in new business.

  • Professional – UK Engineering/Electronics companies are known to be behind the times, it need to be modern & professional in order to attract new clients.
  • Attractive – They do need to look nice, to have lots of pictures of the products on offer and facilities available.
  • Accreditations – Is the company WEEE compliant, do they have ISO?  These should be clearly shown .
  • Plant List – The need to show what facilities they have in house.
  • Team – Who works for the company, who is the engineering manager, who is the director.  Having a staff gallery is always good for an electronics company, it shows transparency
  • Company History – How long has the company been established, why should clients choose them?
  • Pictures – Showing pictures of the site and products is very important, people like pictures.

It plays a big part in branding for electronics companies.  

Many UK electronics companies have very basic websites that are out of date and look like they were designed by the directors children.  Electronics websites need to reflect the business behind the website and project quality and reliability.  

Competing against some of the international brands like Amazon is going to be difficult without a modern theme and feel.

Website design for electronics companies in the UK does need to be on the same level as other global brands.

Choosing An Expert

For any electronics company, the problem exists, which design firm to choose (whether for a brand new website or web re-design).

  • Do you choose a local designer
  • Do you ask a friend to refer someone
  • Do you go with someone from the internet
  • Do you go with the cheapest
  • Do you go with the most expensive

These are the kind of questions that any electronics company will be considering when looking into who should design them a website.

A good piece of advice is to select a web designer that knows the industry, knows about electronics marketing and has designed websites for electronics companies in the past. 

If they have designed websites for electronics companies in the past, then they will have a better idea of the kind of designs that work.  What designs will not work and how best to position the company business on the web.

Compare Prices Today

All UK web designers set their own fees, as there are no industry standards it is a case of reviewing each one on a case by case basis. 

Website design prices tend to vary with the size of the designer (freelancers charging less). Website design for electronics companies does not need to be expensive, just fill in the form to see.

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