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PPC Advertising For Technology CompaniesCompare 5 Quotes On Pay Per Click Marketing For UK Technology

Being found online as a technology company is essential, therefore PPC for technology companies is just as essential.  

We live in a world of technology, as such, we all use the internet when searching for anything.  The day’s of thumbing through Yellow Pages happily has come to an end.

Companies like Amazon use paid advertising a great deal, to be seen for any search phrase they are interested in targeting.  As such most of us when looking for something go direct having known that if you are looking for something, that is when you may well find it.

This is called brand loyalty and takes a lot of time to build.

This is also possible in the technology sector, that your technology business can become the go-to for your products or services.

The challenge however is choosing the right PPC company, since there are so many in the UK to choose from, thousands.

Do you choose a freelancer?  What about the top agency in the search results?

That is where we can help, by helping you compare PPC prices from a few local agencies.

Just fill in the form opposite to get quotes from local PPC companies with experience in the technology sector.

Why Would You Need Paid Advertising?

The sector is broad diverse, and very competitive.  For this reason, appearing on page 1 of search engines is essential in order to get website traffic. 

Very rarely do people go past page 1 of search engines when looking for anything, therefore having position on page 1 is important if not essential.  

Paid adverts should therefore be considered by every business.  Linking into this is an effective media campaign.  PR for electronics and tech companies is important and can be linked into the paid media campaign.

The Need For Good Onsite Keywords

When setting up the keywords you require, care needs to be given as to how those keywords appear on your own website/landing page.  Keywords density is also important, where your keywords appear and what variations there are.

A PPC company should be able to advise you from looking at your website and give you advice to improve your quality score from the search engines viewpoint.

How Much Would PPC For Technology Companies Cost?

The cost does depending on two factors

  • The budget for clicks (paid to the search engine)
  • The monthly retainer (paid to the agency)

The marketing budget will vary depending on how much advertising budget is available (it could be hundreds a month, or millions).  The management fee does vary depending on the agency that is selected and their experience, resources and profit margins.

The cost per click (CPC) would depend on how competitive the keywords are, the more competitive, the higher the cost could be.  This could be £0.90 or it could be £15.00.

Choosing A PPC Agency

When considering agencies, it is wise to shop around and only to look at ones that have experience in handling technology marketing campaigns.  

Avoid going to agencies that make claims to be the ‘number 1 pay per click agency in the UK’ or ‘top google approved agency‘.  There are hundreds of these, and none can guarantee you the results you need.

Get Multiple Quotes On PPC For Your Technology Company

We live in a world of price comparison, all companies are independent and prices vary from company to company for anything.  This is the same for marketing, all agencies set their own fees based on their overheads and profit margins.

We do advise getting a few a few PPC costs from different PPC agencies to compare, so as to get a feel for experience, success rates and prices.  All agencies set their own rates, therefore fees will vary significantly.

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