Website Design For Estate Agents

Website Design For Estate AgentsDoes Your Estate Agent Need Website Design Support?

Website design for estate agents is essential in today’s world, as almost everyone uses the internet when looking at buying or renting a house.

Having a speedy modern website is possibly one of the most important things your estate agency can do.  Finding a designer that has experience in doing website design for estate agents is then next step for you to take.

As there are over 10,000 web designers in the UK to choose from, you cannot just choose anyone.  

Just fill in the form to get free quotes and advice from web designers who have experience in providing marketing for estate agents.

What Features Does Your Site Need

What is needed  is that it is simple to navigate, has a fast load speed, and is able to showcase houses with high quality pictures.  

Customers will want to be able to search for houses based on price, location and number of bedrooms.

Remember that as well as competing against other estate agents in the area, you are also competing against estate agent website like rightmove.  

Good photography is also important, the pictures need to be quick to load and of high quality resolution.  The pictures can even be shared on social media platforms to boost visibility.

Estate agent websites are unique, as houses are high value items, and items that buyers will spend a great deal of time considering before proceeding.  For this reason, yours needs to be capable of projecting high quality and high value.

Social media (such as Twitter, Instagram) are playing a larger roll in the selling process of houses now, so your website will need to be linked up to them and active with them.

Many estate agents are using digital walk through technology, so that house buyers can take a virtual tour around a house, from the comfort of their house.  This gives them a feel for what the house is like prior to visiting it.


There are hundreds of different estate agent websites around the UK.  Not to mention websites such as RightMove  and other price comparison websites for property companies.  They act as price checks.  

Standing out and attracting visitors is important.

The property industry is highly competitive, and is becoming more so each year. In order for your estate agency to stay ahead, you need to ensure your website grabs people right away, turning them from website visitors into customers.

How Do You Get People To Remain On Your Website?

This is what every estate agent is looking for; to keep buyers on your site exploring various properties, before progressing to enquire about a property they like.

There are set criteria needed for a website selling or promoting property:

  • Great Design & Pictures – the site needs to look modern and appealing
  • Interactive – so that clients can get a feel for the property inside and out – a virtual tour
  • Information – so the clients can find out all they need to know quickly
  • Simplicity – no-one likes a complicated site, clutter free and easy to navigate sites are best
  • Quick – for users and search engines
  • Marketing – good SEO and good web advertising to attract website visitors
  • Maintenance – with new properties going up, and old ones being taken off, good housekeeping is needed

The best companies to plan and build your website, are ones that have done website design for estate agents before, and that have designed sites for other estate agents.

How Much A Does Good Design Cost?

There are a lot of criteria to consider when getting a website set up.  It is not just the look and feel of the site, or the design and colours used; but how it works, how people will react to the properties on the site.  

Web design for estate agents does not have to be expensive, just fill in the form to see.

All web companies set their own fees and own rates, and generally with estate agents sites, there is no end to updates, development, design changes and marketing.  

Choosing a web designer based solely on web design prices is unwise, as you may get a cheap website, but it may fall short of the mark.  

We have put together 7 tips on choosing a web designer that may be helpful.

Internet advertising may draw visitors to you, but if it does not convert those visitors into customers, then they will leave, go to a competitor, and may not come back.

There are three factors to consider with the design:

  • Planning and Set-up Costs
  • Ongoing Development Costs
  • Marketing and Advertising Costs – SEO, PPC, Social Networking

Your website will not be static, it will be constantly changing as new properties come and go, and with new design features being added.

Getting Visitors To Your Site

One big issue to consider once you get it set up is how to get visitors to the website.  After all, a great site that has no visitors is a waste of money.  There are two considerations to take in:

SEO – Climbing Search Engines

You want your new site to appear on search engines like Google and Yahoo for your target keywords right?  This is what SEO will do, it will help you climb online up the search engines.  However SEO does take time.

PPC – Paid Advertising

Since SEO takes time, another option to consider is paid advertising.  Your site can be on the first page of search engines within a few minutes.  However, since you are paying for each click, the downside is that you will be attracting your competitors who will click on your advert to use up your budget.

Choosing The Right Agency

With thousands of web agencies around the UK, it makes sense to select carefully to find the right one.  

Experience in property industry is very important, possibly more so than price.  It will give you the best possible platform and shop window to show to clients, rather than just another website that blends in to all the others.  

One thing to bear in mind is that all creative designers set their own fees.  All are privately owned companies that are there to make profit.  Therefore web design prices do vary considerably.

You get what you pay for does not apply to design.  The most expensive agency does not make them the best.  

Using an agency that is a Google Partner agency does not make them the best either.  

Many agencies claim to be ‘the UK’s number 1 web designer‘; but so do lots of others.

That is why we advise shopping around and comparing quotes.

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes on website design for estate agents.

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