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There are around 30 website designers in Crewe, many of which are smaller creative design studios and freelancers.  

Many of the larger companies have located to some of the larger nearby towns, such as Chester, Stoke-on-Trent and Warwick.  

There are around 10 larger marketing companies around Crewe that offer marketing services such as design, PR and advertising.  There are many website designers in Warrington nearby that may be suited.

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Web Designers In Crewe

Since Crewe is quite a small town, most of the web design agencies are either freelancers or small web design studios that operate from rented offices.

The first question would be ‘why do you need a website’?

If you need a basic website or a complex website, this will effect both the type of web designer you go with, and also the price of the website.

A basic website can be created either free of charge, using a website builder you could go with either a cheap website or a free website.

A more complex website will cost more and may need a more experienced web designer that has more design experience.

Selecting  A Web Design Company

For companies based in Crewe, the problem is who to choose?  Do you choose a freelancer, a larger web design company, a designer who offers additional services, such as SEO or internet marketing?

There are a few considerations that should be taken into account when looking into who to use:

  • Budget – how much do you have to spend?
  • Experience – do they know your industry?
  • Meeting – a meeting gives you a chance to come to know who they are

Choosing someone just on price is not the best way forward.  As a cheap website will most likely look cheap, and not provide the best impression.  

Remember that a website is a company’s ‘shop window‘, and therefore one of the first things which they will see before talking or meeting with you.

Choosing someone who can provide a good design that is unique, attractive and affordable, is something that any business needs to do with care.

Questions To Consider

Before talking with web design agencies in Crewe here are a few things to consider:

  • Website Hosting

Who are you going to host your website with?  Some web designers in Crewe do offer website hosting, and will encourage you to host it with them, as it gives them additional income.  However this may not be in your interested.

There are lots of web hosting companies in the UK to choose from.

  • Website Platform

There are different website platforms and most web designers only work with one or two different ones.

WordPress is the most popular web platform globally, but it is about finding which is the best web platform for your particular business.

  • Payment Gateway

Did you want to take payment on your website from customers?  Can the agency work with payment gateways coding them in?

Popular payment gateways would be Worldpay or Sage, also a few banks have their own payment gateways, which will need coded into your website.

  • Marketing

Once your website is set up, you need to get visitors to it.  Digital marketing is something some marketing companies (and freelancers) do offer; but getting quotes is something that is important.

Short term, advertising is necessary, either PPC advertising on the main search engines, or on social media.

We have put together a short article on how PPC advertising works, to give you a feel for what is involved.

In the long term, website optimisation is necessary, in order to get your website appearing in the organic search results for your chosen keywords.

  • Website Content

Who will write the copy for your website (the text that goes on each page)?  Will you ask the agency, or write the website content yourself?

The person that knows your company best is you, so you certainly need to be involved if the website is to communicate your message effectively.

Most web designers in Crewe will already bring these points up, but thinking ahead is wise if you think ahead.

Compare Multiple Web Design Prices

All web design agencies in Crewe will provide different prices for their services; some offer a one off charge for the project, some offer a charge per hour.  

It is not about finding the cheapest quote, as marketing is not all about going with the cheapest agency.  It is about finding the ‘right’ web designer in Crewe for your particular business.

Freelancers tend to be much cheaper than established agencies, but does a freelancer have the resources to support your company?

It is important to shop around and compare website design prices in order to find the right web design company for you.

A Quick Look At Crewe

This town, which is situated in the south of Cheshire, first appears in the Domesday Book of 1086 as ‘Crue’.

It did not really develop until 1843 when the railways were growing rapidly.  

It still has a big industry around the train maintenance sector, despite the rail industry decline over the past few decades.

Crewe is also known for the manufacturing of Rolls Royce motor cars, which is now owned by BMW, and has around 70,000 inhabitants.

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