How Does PPC Marketing Work?

How Does PPC Marketing Work?How Does Per Per Click Advertising Work?

So how does PPC marketing work?  

It is a form of marketing used on the internet (on search engines and on individual websites).

Generally PPC advertising is used by search engines as their revenue stream.  

However other websites are offering affiliate advertising on their websites.  Also social media platforms such as Facebook run this advertising model.

How Does PPC Marketing Work For Me?

Paid advertising is based on your advert appearing and you only being charged when the advert is clicked on.  

This is based on you ‘bidding’ on a search phrase or keyword (see below) as to how much you are willing to spend per click.  

The cost of the bid is based on the popularity (a phrase like ‘mobile phones’ would cost more than ‘vintage pin cushions’) and the number of other companies bidding.

Platforms vary in their charges, Google being the most expensive as it has the most users.

How Does It Work For Organic Search Engine Listings

Paid and natural rankings are completely separate and one does not influence the other. This is under some debate however the general understanding is that they are not connected.

How Does It Work In Getting Results?

Paid marketing can work, however it performs differently for all companies that use it.  

Search engines and websites give parameters you can set.  

So for example you can have your advert appearing at certain times of the day to give you control over the running of the campaign.  

If you have a low value product then you need to be very targeted so as to ensure a good CPL (cost per lead).

Why use PPC Marketing?

There are around 5 billion websites on the internet.  

So if you look at your particular industry/sector, you would have a fair number of competitors.  

Paid adverts allows a website that may appear on page 12 or page 50 to appear on the first page of a search.  

It will cost a premium to have your website appear on page 1.  

However based on weighing this up against organic listing (the time spent doing the SEO and the cost) it may well be a good short term solution.  Until you can get your site naturally appearing in searches.  

Many advise that having an advert and a natural listing is good from a brand perspective.

We are here to help you get PPC help, to improve your conversions.

How Does It Work For CPC?

Conversions firstly are determined by the text in your advert, and on the landing page the click goes through to.  

If visitors do not find what they are looking for within the first 1-2 seconds, they will leave.

Converting visitors to enquiries is not easy, and if you have a low value product, you may find it difficult to run an effective campaign.

One thing to bear in mind is that not all visitors are the right sort of visitors. Amidst genuine visitors will be students, competitors, general traffic and people that clicked on the advert by mistake.

This can be expensive if not set up and managed properly, so advise would be to get a good company to get you set up. Ideally, using a company that knows a little about your market place and industry.  

They can then get you quicker results by setting up your campaign quicker.

All PPC agencies are different and all set their own monthly PPC costs, so it is advised to shop around and get quotes to compare.  

There are a lot of companies that offer paid advertising so it is wise to compare prices.

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