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There are over 500 website designers in Dorset, many of these are freelancers working from rented offices or home, and many are smaller web studios.  

Many branding companies in Dorset offer web work as part of their services.  

Dorset does have around 100 marketing companies that offer creative design as part of a package of services.  Services including public relations, digital marketing and social media marketing, to clients who require extra support with their marketing, rather than just web services. 

There are in addition many PR agencies around Dorset that can help you should you need media support?  

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Choosing An Agency

Selecting a someone in Dorset is not quite as simple as it may seem.  As there are lots to choose from, together with thousands of web designers in Hampshire just next door, and hundreds more in Wiltshire to the north.  In total there are over 15,000 web designers around the UK giving not only choice, but too much choice. So how do you find the right one?

  • Someone Local

It is always best to work with a local web designer wherever possible.  That way if there are any issues (and one hopes there will not be) a quick run in the car can sort it out.  Dorset is not huge, so whether the designer is based in Poole, Bournemouth or Weymouth, they are accessible without too much difficulty.

  • Someone Knowledgable

Experience counts for everything in website design; what distinguishes one agency from another is the experience they have. 

  1. How long has the web designer been running for?  
  2. What kind of design skills do they have?  
  3. What industries have they designed websites for in the past? 

Using a website designer who has already designed websites in your market should bring synergy for the designs. 

For example, someone that does web design for accountants would not really be the best choice to choose by a medical company; after all there are experts that specialise in medical web design.

  • Someone The Right Size

If you are a large multinational company, working with a freelancer is not really logical.  Likewise if you are a start-up business, working with a global web designer would not really be right. 

Choosing the right kind of web designer is important in getting the right sort of website created.  Freelancers may be able to produce e-commerce websites, however they may not be up to “spec”, compared to those produced by a larger designer that has experience in designing larger e-commerce websites.

  • Someone Affordable

They range in cost from a few hundred pounds up to hundreds of thousands of pounds.  It is important to shop around and not buy on impulse.  All web agencies in Dorset set their own rates (there is no standard) and all agencies are there to make money. 

Shopping around and comparing website design costs is the best way to ensure that you get a feel for what is a reasonable price to pay.

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A Few Words About The County

Dorset is a small county on the south coast of England with a population of around a million.

The county town is Dorchester on the banks of the River Frome. It has had human settlements right back to prehistoric times with evidence of early human activity in ancient forts and defensive ditches, archeological remains and rock art.  

The Celtic people built Maiden Castle which was captured by the Roman legion commanded by Vespasian in 43 AD.  

During the 18th century, Dorset was the scene of a lot of smuggling activity as pirates used the secluded coves and caves around the coast for bringing in smuggled goods from Europe, America and Asia, to be stored and sold in England.  

During the 17th & 18th centuries the production of cloth was popular, as was agriculture; there was not much in the way of mechanisation from the Industrial Revolution.

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