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There are over 50 PR agencies in Dorset ranging from freelancers who work from home, up to medium sized agencies. 

Larger PR firms tend to be located closer to the capital cities such as Bristol, Birmingham and London, but there are still has a good selection of PR companies in Dorset. There are around 200 marketing companies that offer PR as part of a broader range of marketing services.  Services such as website design, SEO, and branding, to larger companies that need a broader marketing support.  

There are in addition many website design agencies in Dorset that can help you with web support should you need it?

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Choosing PR companies in Dorset

It makes good practical sense to work with someone that is also based locally.  The alternative is using one in Wiltshire, Hampshire or further afield and being faced with hours of travelling when organising a meeting.

Much communication can be done by means of the phone or by e-mail these days, but meetings serve as a very important tool in the communication process.  Especially when considering things such as strategy and PR objectives. 

To get good value for money from them, meeting them and ensuring that they understand your product/service/business 100% is crucial.

These days, many marketing companies can make claims on their websites.  That they have worked with certain clients, won awards, and have amazing resources, that are not true (who is to know).  So a meeting should lay these fears to rest, and assure you that you are not paying a student thousands of pounds unnecessarily.

Choosing someone that is suited to you in terms of size is important.  A new business would be better off using a smaller consultant/agency rather than a high end PR firm, that works with top end clients or FTSE businesses.  

Selecting someone that has experience in your industry is also important.  Dorset has a wide variety of industry.  Ranging from agriculture, business services, healthcare and fishing.  

Choosing an agency that has worked in your industry will only add value.  PR agencies that have worked in your industry should know the media groups to talk to and get the campaign running quickly.  This should give a better return on your investment, and have a better idea of how to position your campaign for optimum results.

Compare Prices

All PR agencies in Dorset set their own fees, and there are no standard rates as far as PR prices are concerned.  Generally, the larger the PR company is, the more they charge for their services.  As they have higher overheads, more staff and larger offices than freelancers. 

All PR companies in Dorset are private companies and are in business to make profit; their growth comes from the profits they make from customers. Shopping around and comparing rates is therefore important so as to not get overcharged. 

Finding someone that is local and good at their job is important.  One that can produce great results and bring in big profits is key, but overpaying them is not good, you are only adding to their holiday fund.

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A Few Words About Dorset

It is a county on the south coast of England that is 1,024 square miles in area and has a population of roughly seven hundred thousand according to the local council.  

It has seen human habitation for many centuries with fine examples of hill forts, defensive ditches, and Norman castles. 

Dorset, notably the town of Melcombe Regis, was one of the entry points for the Black Death in 1348 which reduced Britain’s population by a third.

The most famous early human structure in Dorset is Maiden Castle, which is an Iron Age Hill Fort dating from around 600 BC.  

The capital town of the county is Dorchester, which is actually a Roman town, and has a lot of early Roman archaeology still visible. 

The Romans added to earlier defensive structures, such as forts and added their own temples and civilian structures.  

During the civil war years of 1642 – 1651, this was mainly a Royalist county that supported the King, and had numerous sites that were strongholds during the years of war against the Parliamentary forces.

These days industry is primarily Services led.  Agriculture remains important, but also tourism and fishing as well.

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