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There are over 100 branding companies in Dorset.  These range from larger  branding companies down to smaller design studios. 

Most of the branding companies are sole traders and smaller design studios.  

There are some larger marketing companies that offer the full suit of marketing services.  

Since there are so many designers to choose from, the problem is, where to start.  

This is where we come in, to help you get quotes from local branding specialists.

Just fill in the form to get 5 quotes from local branding companies in Dorset that know your industry sector.

Selecting An Agency From The County

Dorset in many ways in quite secluded. With restricted access to motorways, the county is dominated by smaller roads. 

This makes travel slower than many other counties around England.  

We do advised to select a brand development agency that is local, as this makes visits that much easier. 

Certainly before the marketing campaign starts it is advised to meet up with the agency.  

This is so you can cover objectives and tackle the various challenges that are involved with design.  Meetings play an important part of your relationship with the designer.  

It gives you a chance to meet the team, and for them to get to know your product/service.

Selecting a agency on the basis of their industry knowledge is also important.  If they have a background of your market, your products, then they are far more likely to produce a more solid brand. 

One benefit of an initial meeting is being able to chat through specific industry knowledge and experience that the agency has.

Compare Branding Companies In Dorset

Price comparison is popular these days and as all designers charge different rates.  We do advise to check around and compare branding prices

All designers are independent businesses.  They set their own fees based on their profit margins.  

Typically the larger the agency, the higher the price.  However, larger agencies may have more experience, and more resource.  

Sometimes having an agency that offers additional services (such as website design, brand awareness, advertising) is better.

An Overview Of Dorset

Nestled in the bottom left of England, Dorset is known for its tourism and its rolling hills. 

Dorset has been occupied since around 3000 BC and still has many fine examples of ancient man. 

Due to its Jurassic coastline it was popular with smugglers for bringing gold, drugs, alcohol and weapons into England. 

Around 80% of Dorset is given over to the service industry (historically it was agriculture, but this has diminished) and the armed services.  

Dorset has around a million people living in it (mainly in the areas of Bournemouth, Weymouth and Poole) according to council statistics.

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