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There are 50 website designers in Gateshead, many of which are smaller design studios that operate out of rented offcies and some that are freelancers who work from home. 

In addition, there are around 15 marketing companies that offer creative design in Gateshead as part of a range of marketing services to larger clients, who are looking for additional marketing support other than just site design.  

If you needed any media support, there are a number of local PR agencies in Gateshead that can assist.

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from local website design companies  in Gateshead that know your industry without obligation.

Choosing A Partner

As there are so many website designers in Gateshead to choose from, and also web designers in Newcastle area nearby, selecting the right one may be difficult. It is always good to meet with a website designer before signing a contract with them, if anything to ensure that they are what they claim on their website.

With virtual offices and the internet being what it is, finding a designer that does not embellish their services or testimonials is important. Asking for testimonials from the web designer’s clients makes good sense. Selecting a designer that is the right size is also important. 

If your business is small and you need a basic website designed , then a freelancer is possibly best; if you are a global or international company, then a larger website or e-commerce website is more suited.

They all carry different experience, so selecting one who has worked in your industry will be beneficial. 

If you are an engineering company, then a web designer that has designed websites for laser cutters, drilling companies, etc. will be better than a web designer that has designed websites for estate agents.

Consider Your Marketing

Once your site is completed, the job is not over.

Your site is your companies shop window, however what is the good in having a shop without customers.  This is where your digital marketing needs to be considered.

There are a number of local PPC agencies in Gateshead that can set up and handle your online marketing to get you visitors quickly.

PPC is good in the short term, however advertising is expensive and can be quite hit and miss.  SEO is really what your will need in the medium to long term, to get people naturally finding you for your chosen keywords.  SEO is quite specialist however, so talking with a few SEO companies in Gateshead will be wise.  

Also, be social.  Having a presence on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook is important for you to be found.

Compare Prices

All web design agencies in Gateshead charge differently for websites; hourly rates for design work can range from £25 per hour up to hundreds. Generally the larger the website designer, the more they are likely to charge for a website.

It is wise to shop around and compare website design prices in order to get a feel for the average kind of price to pay. 

Getting a cheap website designed because it is the cheapest will make it look cheap, and usually paying for quality is worthwhile. One thing to bear in mind is that all website designers in Gateshead are in business to make money.  So shop around and avoid adding to a designer’s profit margins.

For free advice and quotes from local web design companies in Gateshead, just fill in the form.

A Few Words About The City

Gateshead is situated in Tyne and Wear just south of Newcastle upon Tyne, and has a population of around a hundred thousand.  It is known for being a coal producing town and was first recorded as such in 1344. 

Since coal production has all but stopped (thanks to the Thatcher years) Gateshead has reinvented itself as being a commuter and retail town. 

People working in nearby Newcastle will commute across the River Tyne from their homes here. It has the Metro Centre as a shopping outlet, which has brought work and money into the local economy, and helped to fill the gap that the coal industry left.

Back in the early years of the 19th century, the railways brought work and manufacturing to the town, which still does have fringes of business continuing to this day.

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