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PR Agencies In SloughCompare Quotes From 5 PR Companies In Slough

There are over 20 PR agencies in Slough, ranging from freelance consultants to larger firms with global clients.  

Also with a wide number of marketing companies around town that offer this service, along with other marketing support services, such as website design and advertising.

 There are also a number of PR companies in Slough that deal with specific market sectors.  

There are in addition many website designers in Slough that can help with internet and social media attention for the campaign.

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Selecting Someone To Work With

With over 100 PR agencies in Berkshire, you are spoiled for choice in finding the best one.  

With such a variety of PR companies in Slough to hand, it seems pointless to use one that is hundreds of miles away. 

A local agency is best, as a meeting to plan a campaign can be arranged without too much difficulty, and review meetings scheduled once the campaign is under way. 

Due to the variety of firms, there needs to be an element of care in the selection process. Generally there are three things to consider when looking into using agencies:

  • Location – Using an agency local to town will make working easier.
  • Experience – Using an agency that knows your sector will be a massive advantage
  • Price – All costs are different as agencies set their own prices

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A Few Words About Slough

Located in Berkshire it is best known for the Trading Estate made famous by the comedy series ‘The Office’, and is also known for it’s many businesses. 

Thames Valley University is also based in the town, making it an important commercial and educational centre.

The first mention of Slough was in 1196 when it was referred to as ‘Slo’, at which time it was a hamlet. 

The Domesday Book refers to nearby Upton in 1086 and a wood with 200 pigs in it (worth £15). 

In the mid 17th Century stagecoaches passed through the town, and later the railway followed. 

In 1918 the government used larger areas of land for motor repair, during the First World War; afterwards this land was sold off to Slough Trading Estate Ltd.  As the Second World War ended large numbers of people moved out of bombed London into the new urban housing, and the business opportunities at the trading estate.  

It has a population of around 150,000 according to council details. Thanks to the growth in courses at Thames Valley University more businesses have come into the area, boosting economic growth.

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