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Why PRWhy media coverage is such an effective marketing tool

Many people ask, why is public relations such an effective marketing tool, both for small and large businesses?  The reason is because the media is a very powerful marketing platform.

It is all about communication; communicating news to your audience and the wider world.  Your brand awareness is communicated to your audience almost instantly.  This can be done locally, nationally or globally.

Consider some of the top brands in the world; why are they top?

Quite simply because we know them, because we hear about them, we recognise their adverts, hear their music on the radio, see their logo.  Consider Coca Cola, a top global brand, who use PR as an effective marketing tool.

This is all done through their position, through public relations, through their media message.

Why Public Relations Is Better Than Other Forms Of Marketing?

The main advantage of public relations is that it is much more affordable than other forms of marketing on offer to small companies here in the UK.

Why is media coverage so effective as a marketing tool?

In many ways, media relations can be considered one of the most powerful marketing tools.  Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft) famously said ‘If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on public relations’

Why Quotes Need To Be Compared

When considering using a public relations agency, we do advise shopping around and comparing quotes.  As a price comparison website, we want to help you get the best public relations company for the lowest price.

PR prices vary from agency to agency, so shopping around is good advice.  Compare quotes from 5 local agencies that know your industry sector.  Fill in the form to get free quotes on why media relations can help your business.

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