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Advertising Agencies In ManchesterLooking For An Advertising Agency In Manchester?

There are over 20 advertising agencies in Manchester, ranging from top advertising companies, down to smaller local firms.  

Since you are local to Manchester, why not talk with local ad agencies?

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from advertising companies in Manchester.

Due to the variety industries that Manchester supports; advertising companies  have sprung up both working nationally and internationally.  

From running advertising campaigns across all mediums (TV, radio, press etc.). 

For businesses around the Greater Manchester area it does make good sense to work with advertising companies in the local area.  Some of the larger PR agencies in Manchester will cover some areas of local advertising also.

Meeting Your Agency

Meetings are important in selecting the right advertising agency for the job. Choosing the right agency is also based on their knowledge and track record of your industry.  

By meeting the agency, you can quickly get an idea of how effective and efficient they are.  A meeting allows you to meet the staff there.  You can ensure that the claims on their website are true (and they are not just using a virtual office).

Follow up meetings are important also.  

The agency will work harder knowing you have an upcoming meeting to discuss the campaign success.

There over 20 advertising agencies in the Manchester area, so it is well worth checking around to see which ones do have a track record in your industry.

Compare Prices

For most businesses, this form of marketing is not a cheap one.  

Advertising can be very expensive; as we are still in recession it does make good sense to shop around and get a few quotes. 

By comparing quotes, you should get a good idea of what is a reasonable price to pay for the campaign.  

This price comparison website was set up to help you do this, to compare and save.

With advertising prices, there is such a thing as you do get what you pay for; however comparing quotes is always advised.

Manchester In A Snapshot

Greater Manchester has over 2.6 million people (according to council data) and is continuing to grow based on its university and industry. 

Historically much of Manchester’s growth occurred as a result of the industrial revolution.  

Manchester is known for the worlds first railway station, where scientists first split the atom and where the worlds first programmable computer was created. 

Much of Manchester’s industrial business has gone with the decline of UK manufacturing, leaving the city focusing on finance, banking and insurance predominantly.

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