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There are over 50 PR agencies in Manchester for you to consider for your media campaign; however finding the right agency could very well take time.

We can help by getting you quotes from 5 PR companies in Manchester that have industry experience in your market sector.  

There are also a wide variety of website design agencies in Manchester should you have any need for website support?  In addition there are a number of smaller PR companies in Oldham that may be suited?

Just fill in the form opposite to get free quotes and advice from 5 PR Companies in Manchester that know your industry.

Local Public Relations Experts

Manchester is the second largest city in the UK with over two and a half million people; it is growing as more people flock to find work from Stockport, Glossop and other surrounding towns.

The marketing community in Manchester is strong as one would expect from such a large and culturally diverse population and public relations is no different.  Manchester university continues to train and release new creative talent.

There are different kinds of marketing agencies in Manchester, all different sizes with varying industry experience.  Selecting the right  marketing agency to work with is where Marketing Quotes can help.

Using Someone Local

There are a variety of PR agencies in Manchester, ranging from smaller consultancies up to larger agencies that deal with international clients.  

It is wise to use someone local that can offer a more personalised service (visiting you or you visiting them).  Some of the advertising companies in Manchester offer PR as part of their mix of services.

Working With A Local Expert

It does make practical sense to work with a local agency, rather than one that is based hundreds of miles away. 

Visiting them is always a good idea, partly to ensure that they are UK based (with virtual offices now available, Indian companies do pose as being UK based with websites), but also discussing your PR campaign in greater detail.

 Follow up meetings to look into new strategies can also be done with a local agency in the area along with discussing how the progress of the campaign is going and setting KPI’s.

PR can be a great way to build and maintain a powerful brand post COVID.

Industry Experienced

Aside from working with a local agency, it is wise to select an agency that has a background in your industry.  All PR companies in Manchester are different and many have a wide portfolio of industry experience, while some specialise in niche areas such as FMCG, finance, and recruitment.

Selecting someone that knows your market sector is essential, as they should know how to present you to your media and clients, and how best they can generate your ROI for your investment.

Compare PR Prices From PR Agencies In Manchester

Comparing PR prices is something that is essential when it comes to marketing as fees vary from agency to agency. 

All PR agencies in Manchester are unique, who set their own marketing fees based on their running costs, profit margins and staffing costs. We aim to help you get the best, most qualified PR agency for the lowest price possible.  

Rather that spending time on google looking for a local agency, just fill in the form.

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