CIPR – Chartered Institute Of Public Relations

CIPR - Chartered Institute Of Public RelationsOverview Of The UK Public Relations Industry

The UK has over 5,000 PR agencies in it and is one of many PR associations in the UK.  

Ranging from freelance PR firms, small public relations consultancies.  Larger media companies and marketing companies that offer media support as part of a broader range of marketing services.  

Services such as website design, branding and advertising.  The CIPR was created as a trade body and also to help offer PR advice and troubleshooting.

For UK businesses, there is the need for the following:

  • Finding a public relations agency that knows your industry
  • Finding an ethical media agency that offers honest value for money PR
  • Finding a local media agency that you can meet with
  • Finding an agency that has transparent fees that provide a ROI (return on investment)

For this reason, the CIPR was set up in 1947 to offer support both to the media agencies around the UK, but also to clients that are looking for no frills PR support.  Most members fall into different industry backgrounds, so it is a case of finding one that has PR experience in your sector.

What Do They Do

They offers two services:

  • For clients looking to find a public relations agency – they can help in offering advice on who to talk to
  • For agencies they offer standards to adhere to and a chance to network.

As a professional body, the CIPR sets and maintains the standards and practices of its members throughout the UK to ensure there is a code of conduct and an accountability to provide a high standard of service.

Their vision is quite simple and (from the CIPR website) seeks to provide the following attributes:

  • Honesty – openness in all areas of how and why they work
  • Integrity – providing open advice for the long term
  • Diversity – through the variety of members the CIPR seeks to cover all aspects of PR across all sectors
  • Professionalism – delivering the highest ethical and professional standards
  • Sustainability – all activities are looking towards sustainability which is encouraged to all members
  • Collaboration – as part of a global community they seeks to bring together talent and new ideas for the greater good of all concerned

All PR agencies are looking to bring on new clients; they acts as an impartial mediator to channel need vs solution.

Contact The CIPR

They are based in central London however has links to media agencies all around the UK offering a national support service to the UK business community.

For more information about how the CIPR works or to talk to someone about membership, please visit their website.

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