Crisis Control PR

Crisis Control PRDid You Need A PR Agency In A Time Of Crisis?

Many businesses in the UK use  public relations agencies for crisis control PR issues.

As the media has grown with the development of the internet, news has become a 24 hour business.  

Without having PR on standby your company can be damaged by changes within your company or within the industry.

Crisis control PR is used by many businesses to quell unrest or to address sensitive issues that may come up in the press covering some of the following:

  • Site Issues (An Accident On Site, Fire, Death, Infection)
  • A Scandal Of Some Sort (Criminal, Fraud, Terrorism)
  • Financial Issues (Company/Site Closure, Accounting Issues, Share Drop)
  • Environmental Issues (Toxic Spillage, Product Contamination)
  • Management Issues (Sexual Scandal, Redundancy, Salary Focus)

If you have a large business and large work force, news needs to be communicated in the correct way to prevent panic, rumors or making a situation worse than it actually is. 

For this reason PR agencies do need to be able to react quickly to crisis issues.  

In order to control them and present the facts to the business or the wider media (if you are a global company/brand/celebrity).

Whatever sort of company you are (a celebrity, manufacturing, financial, government) crisis can happen and the handling of the situation does need to be done in a certain way in order to control it. 

For this reason, they can offer crisis services in order to manage and control news and protect companies and individuals.

Many celebrities use PR, Meghan Markle for example, or Kim Karshandan in response to media focus.  

Katie Price is another minor celebrity that would call upon Crisis PR on a regular basis.

Closing thoughts

All PR agencies are different and many will charge differently.  

This is depending on their experience, background and overheads.  It is therefore advised to compare PR prices in order to get a feel for the right sort of budget to allocate to a campaign. 

Most can advise on how to structure a campaign but it is good to talk to a few in order to get a variety of feedback from PR specialists.

As a price comparison website, we aim to help you get the best PR agency for the best price.  Rather than spending time on Bing looking for agencies, just fill in the form.

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