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Effective PRGaining Effective Public Relations Coverage

Effective PR is essential to any business in today’s busy world.  Getting good PR coverage can be difficult though, selecting the right stories to tell and who to tell them to. Just fill in the form to talk with 5 local PR agencies that know your industry.

How Long Does It Take?

Once you sign up with an agency, how long would it be before results start coming in and you can start to see a return on investment?  Effective PR does take time, like all things good things take time. 

Realistic Expectations

There are many reasons why PR is needed for companies in the UK.  The problem that a lot of companies find themselves in, is that they are looking for the results to be instant. This is understandable; as many companies only start to think about public relations when things are tough.  

When business is quiet or when their sector is facing a recession. If you have an itch, then it does need scratching; however effective PR does not work in this way.  It does need time in order to take effect and the scratching will come – given enough time.

Days Weeks Or Months?

Calculating ROI is always difficult with effective PR.  The agency will create the story/press releases and issue them to news centers/newspapers/magazines etc. The rest then is left in the hands of the readers; it is down to the readers to respond. 

A little like fishing, the bate is placed on the hook, the hook into the water – but it is down to the fish to bite.  In most cases, getting mainstream media attention is the goal.  Getting your articles in The Guardian or other mainstream new streams. Getting results takes more than a few days, or even weeks.  Most public relations agencies do advise that a successful campaign needs to be given from 6 months – 12 months.  Less than this time, and the campaign has not had time to gain momentum.

Markets And Products

Results from  the campaign will also be effected by the kind of market and products that are involved.  Some products are quick to take up and gain the media momentum; some do take more time. This can be effected by the selling price, the competition, the industry trends.

The best advice would be to talk to someone that knows your industry.  Find out how your products/services would be taken up and then put a schedule together on how best to approach. It is advised to meet with the agency, having the face to face contact not only builds the relationship but ensures they are more committed to getting you results.

Shop Around And Compare Quotes

At Marketing Quotes we do advise to compare prices.  All PR agencies are independently run and therefore PR prices do vary considerably.  You do not necessarily get what you pay for when it comes to marketing.  The most expensive agency is not necessarily the best, no matter how many awards they claim to have won.

Just fill in the form to get quotes from 5 local PR companies that know your industry.

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