Exhibition Stand Hire

Exhibition Stand HireAre You Looking To Hire An Exhibition Stand For An Event?

Exhibition stand hire is becoming more popular.  

There are hundreds of exhibition stand designers around the UK that can produce these for hire, so it is advised to shop around and get quotes to compare.

Many companies that have not attended events before, do not want to go to the expense of going to a designer.  

Then getting a stand set up only to find that the event was unsuccessful and they would not do any more.  This would leave them seriously out of pocket just to test the water.

Another option is to exhibition stand hire for an event.  

The stand does not have to be a very large one.  Just something fairly basic with some exhibition stand graphics, banners and promotional material that put your stamp on it.

This is far more cost effective than getting a stand designed from scratch.  If the event is successful then you can always consider buying a stand for future events a little later down the line.

Who Hires Exhibition Stands

Many exhibition stand designers can also offer exhibition stand hire. 

These could be from existing clients (if they are not using them) or could be stock stands that they use themselves for demos or stock stands.  Around the UK there are just over 500 designers; not all of them would provide a hire service, but a few do. 

They can be very expensive, so instead of paying a lot of money to have a great event stand (only to be used once) it makes sense to hire one.

Exhibition planning is wise if you are to have a successful event.

Compare Multiple Quotes

It is always good to compare prices (like for like) so that you can get the best stand for the best prices. 

Different designers offer deals so it worth comparing prices to see what is on offer. There are different sorts of stands that can be hired:

  • Modular Display Stands – You just change the artwork and banners
  • Custom Built Stands – You just change some of the graphics

If you would like some free advice or quotes on exhibition stand hire for an event, then using the enquiry form opposite, describe your requirement for us to help with for free.  

Whether your event is at the NEC, the O2 or Excel, we can help you with exhibition stand hire.

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