How Much Does PR Cost You

Many companies ask the question ‘how much does PR cost you’?  This is dependent on a few factors.

This would depend on a few things:

  • The size of the PR agency
  • The amount of PR you would like done

Depending on the size of the PR agency, they will charge differently.  The larger agencies would charge more due to them having more staff, higher overheads etc.

A PR agency would look at your company and put together a marketing plan.  Once this is done they would set objectives and put in a certain amount of time each month to get you the best coverage.  Depending on the amount of time they aportion to your campaign they would charge accordingly.

How do PR companies set their charges?

Each PR agency is different and do charge differently for their services.  Generally it falls into one of the following:

  • A Monthly Retainer

This is when the PR company works at your campaign investing a certain amount of time (to be agreed) to each clients campaign in terms of writing press releases, dealing with media contacts etc.

  • A Day Rate

This is a popular way of charging.  As PR agencies can apportion their time easily (one day for one client, one day for another etc.).

  • Results Based PR

There are a few agencies that do offer their services based on results; however there are not many.  This is based on the client not paying anything unless the article that is produced makes the target publications & also the exposure of the article.  PR is quantifiable and therefore can be tracked (the on-line PR can be at least).

Typically a smaller PR agency would charge around £200 for a days work up to several thousand pounds for some of the larger agencies.

It is always advisable to compare quotes from PR agencies as they do vary as do their sector experience.

Target Media

All businesses are in different market sectors, therefore target different media outlets.  Maybe in farming, IT, insurance and so on.  For any business, getting into the mainstream media eye.  Getting an article featured in the Daily Mail or Guardian is the goal of any PR agency.

How much does PR cost you.  This would vary.  If you have a good story, or media angle, then you are more likely to get good media coverage.

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