How To Make The Exhibition A Success

How To Make The Exhibition A SuccessFind Out How To Make the Exhibition A Success

You are due to attend an event.  You want to make the exhibition a success. So how do you do this?  

Planning.  Planning is key to make the exhibition a s success.  If you do not plan correctly, and in good time, then it is doomed to failure.  

Whether you are at the NEC in Birmingham, or the Excel in London, the same model below applies.

Planning To Make An Event Successful

How to make the exhibition a success comes at the planning stage. 

Exhibitions are expensive things, sometimes costing tens of thousands of pounds.  

How do you maximise on these?  

To ensure the event is as profitable as possible and as much business is squeezed out. There are a few things to consider in order to make the exhibition a success.


If you plan the event properly, you should be prepared for any eventuality that comes up.  

Do you know who is likely to visit the event, have you contacted them to let them know you are going to be there?  

What about sending an e-mail to them to let them know you are going to be there?   Why not get a telemarketing company to call up and introduce, lay the path?


How to make the exhibition a success is down to preparation.  

Do you know how large the stand area is likely to be?  

Do you have an exhibition stand set up and ready to go?  

What about branded gifts to give away, or a bar to invite potential customers in?  

What about hiring a model or two in order to attract people in to your sales team?  

Do you have a quiet area to have meetings one to one?

The Event

How to make the exhibition a success is to work it as hard as you can when you are there.  At the event itself, do you have sales people walking around giving away freebies?  

What about your models, can they be working the area?  Do you have audio, is yours the most noticeable stand in the event?

What about visuals, do you have a computer game going and attracting guys in to a competition?

What are your sales people doing, hopefully they are not on the stand talking to each other or texting friends.  

They should be engaging customers or meeting new contacts.

Follow Up

How to make the exhibition a success rests with the follow up.  

The event has finished, the stand has gone and you are back at work, is that it?  

Not at all, you should have the names of all the attendees of the event.  

Why not get a telemarketing company to contact everyone that attended the event. Send an e-mail to them all to thank them for coming and remind them of your stand.  

Announce the winner to the competition and have the prize ready (a trip away, a Harrods hamper) to send.  

Using a PR agencyyou can do a press release about the event and use the exposure to your advantage. An event is not over until months after; as you can still ride on the back of the wave via marketing.

Make The Most Of Your Event

How to make the exhibition a success comes down to several factors. Events and exhibitions are expensive things.  

How do you make the event a success?  It is not just about the event.  It is about the before and after.  

Let a marketing agency work their magic and get the most out of your event.  

You have invested a lot of money, do not throw it away! Price comparison websites can help you get the best for your event.

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