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Advertising In The Local PressDid You Need Help To Get Local Press Coverage?

Local press advertising can be very effective to reach your local community.  

However finding the right advertising agency to handle this can be challenging.  

As there are hundreds of advertising agencies around the UK, finding the right one is difficult.  

We always advise you using an agency that knows your industry sector.

Just fill in the form to get quotes on local press advertising from 5 local advertising agencies that know your industry sector.

Why Advertise Locally?

Local newspapers still carry a lot of weight, certainly if you are a local business targeting a local area (for a restaurant, a barbers, a funeral home).

For small companies or locally focused businesses, the local press can be one of the most powerful forms of marketing.  

Added to which, the local press use their websites and social media to promote and advertise their customers.  

This is very good to raise brand awareness and keep your brand in your customers mindset.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of local press advertising will vary depending on the competiton from other advertisers.  If the competition is high, then the price will be high.  

Fact – the oldest local newspaper is the Observer, first published in 1791.

There are two options available to consider when looking at local press advertising.  To go direct and negociate prices with the various local media outlets.   Or to use a local advertising agency that knows and has worked with the local media, to do it for you.  

A cost you need to consider is the advertising prices from the agency.  All are independent and set their own fees based on their profit margins.

As a price comparison website, we aim to help you to get local press advertising support, from the best agency, at the cheapest price.

If you would be interested in talking to a few local agencies about local advertising, just fill in the form above.

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