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Compare Quotes on Marketing For Defence CompaniesWould Your Defence Company Benefit From Marketing Support?

Marketing for defence companies is essential in order to grow and expand.  

Marketing for defence companies is as important as it is for any other business sector.  

However marketing does need to be carried out in a different way to other business sectors, as the defence sector is unique.

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The Need For Marketing

The defence industry is highly competitive and highly complex due to security and government involvement.  

Some industry players in the defence sector would be BAE, Colt, Boeing, Thales, GKN, MI6, GCHQ.  G4S has also been in the spotlight recently.

The defence and security industries are very different, however both do marketing, for both the marketing is unique.

What Marketing Can Be Done?

There are a wide range of marketing tools that can and are used by businesses in this industry.  This include both on-line services to off-line. 

As the defence sector is so diverse (land forces, air forces, marine and special forces) the kinds of promotion that are used are also varied.  

Marketing for recruitment is used, for finding new staff and for advertising.  Many security and defence companies are commercial, so need marketing to promote and sell products and services.

Website Design

Websites play a big part of any business these days, and for you.  

They do need to communicate quality and experience whilst being modern, stylish and professional.  

They need to be secure (in some cases, very secure) and have remote login areas for field agents, or staff that need to access encrypted files on a secure server.  Website design for defence needs to be done by experienced website designers.  

There are many website designers that have worked in the defence sector, these are the ones that need to be used.

Public Relations And The Media

PR for defence companies is a powerful and low cost tool that can be very effective.  It is important to select a PR company that has experience with the defence industry media.  

This is perhaps one of the most powerful tools, due to the way the sector is set up.  

Also PR is used with the mainstream media, as they are normally interested in the defence and security sectors.

Exhibitions And Events

Exhibitions and events are a great tool for defence companies to showcase new products and take new orders.  

Technological innovation can be shown at them, making them very effective.  There are a wide range of defence exhibitions around the world as defence is a global business.  

Farnborough air show has been running for many decades now and is favoured by many contractors.

Organic Search

You are like any other company in many ways, a commercial businesses that need to generate new customers.  

For this reason SEO is needed to ensure your website is found by your customers.  It is always advised for you to select an SEO agency with industry experience.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is used by many defence contractors, for both recruitment and promotion.  PPC advertising is becoming more popular as it allows you to be quickly found by new customers.

Brochure Design

Brochures and corporate literature play a very important roll for you and it is advised for you to use brochure designers with industry experience.  Brochures are used both for promotion and for informative purposes, as well as for varied internal rolls.


Branding is a big part of promotion for any business, especially ones in the defence sector.  When considering branding it is wise to select someone with industry experience.  Mainly because they will understand the market and how to tackle the task of branding such a unique business.  

Branding for defence companies is really at the heart of any marketing campaign.


Many use a variety of traditional advertising tools, however like other forms, it is very focused and not necessarily mainstream. 

None advertise on TV or on radio, but typically in industry related media (magazines, websites etc.). 

There are a wide number of advertising agencies with industry experience, ones that work with a variety of military related businesses.  Advertising for defence companies is specialist and needs to be handled by a specialist agency.


Telemarketing for defence companies really is a specialist area, partly to do with security and partly to do with the angle the telemarketing is used for.  

Defence businesses are commercial companies that need to find customers, but this does need to be done with a rather specialist approach.  There are only a few telemarketing companies in the UK that are equipped to dealing in this market place.

Compare Prices

For any business, cost is always a factor.  Marketing for defence companies does not have to be expensive.  

As all price comparison websites, we want to ensure you find the best agency, for the lowest price.  

All marketing companies set their own fees, therefore marketing prices will vary considerably.

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