PR For Defence Companies

PR For Defence CompaniesPR For Companies In the Defence Industry

PR for defence companies is essential, both for marketing and for brand awareness.  The issue is finding a suitable public relations agency that knows the defence sector.  

We always advice to use an agency that knows about PR for defence companies.

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from PR agencies who have experience with the UK defence industry.

The UK defence industry is a wide and diverse one, spanning a wide range of organisations, companies, groups, government departments and contractors to include: 

  • British Army
  • Royal Navy
  • Royal Air force
  • Security Community (MI5/MI6 etc.)
  • Contractors
  • Munitions Companies
  • Communications Companies
  • Government Departments Overseeing Defence
  • Defence Support And Logistics

There are thousands of organisations within the above sectors, and hundreds more that are spin off’s and linked to the sector. 

The sector is unique like no other.  Involving government departments, acts of parliament and issues relating to national security.  The media plays a big role both in communicating important issues, but also in suppressing certain things and even diverting media attention away from certain topics, projects and individuals.

Around the UK there are thousands of PR agencies, hundreds of which have worked in or around the defence industry.   This could be either for one or two clients, or actually focus purely on the defence sector.  

We advice using an agency that has done PR for companies in the defence industry previously.

Industry Focused Media

Public relations agencies in most cases need to be given security clearance to work for certain companies within the defence community. 

As so much of what is produced and talked about is sensitive.  PR needs to be packaged in such a way that there are no problems with national media misinterpreting things, picking up on projects or sensitive areas relating to the security community. 

Many PR companies would not have the criteria needed to be involved with the defence sector.  

Normally there is a thorough vetting procedure; however select public relations agencies are used and word can spread about trusted PR journalists.

Industry Experience

When it comes to the defence sector, experience is everything when it comes to working within the security community.  However it can go against an agency.   Certain conflicts of interest may arise, so there is a very stringent vetting procedure when it comes to contractors or outside agencies. 

Many defence companies choose to keep media internal for worries about media leaks.  However very often chosen agencies are used for troubleshooting, media support, contacts and consultancy.

Finding An Industry Representative

There are a number specialist agencies that that offer PR for companies in the defence industry and consult into the industry.  However finding them may not be easy. 

Often they may be working with a contractor or security agency, but are bound by the Official Secrets Act not to advertise they are doing so.  

PR agencies may not actually mention on their websites about working for MI5, for obvious reasons, so therefore finding an experienced public relations company is not easy.

Comparing Agencies

This is even harder than finding a suitable agency.  Due to many PR agencies not speaking out about their experience, finding a few PR companies to compare ideas and costs may be more difficult.

If your company is involved in the defence or security industries, and you need help or advice in finding a suitable agency, whether it is to take on a media campaign or just offer PR advice, then let us know.

Compare Multiple Prices

Due to the way the economy is under pressure, sector budgets have been reduced and as such, PR prices are something of importance.  Getting results is the main goal, but if it can be done at a reasonable price all the better.  

As a price comparison website, we want to help you find the best public relations agency for the lowest price.  PR for defence companies is essential, but it is a secret, sssh.

If you would like to talk to experienced agencies that offer PR for companies in the defence industry, just let us know.

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