PPC Advertising For Estate Agents

PPC advertising for estate agents is essential in our new world of online. Since most people use the internet to look at houses, being found it essential.  Regardless if you are using Rightmove or another property website, having a presence is important for your brand.  If your estate agent needs website traffic, then talking to PPC agencies about PPC for estate agents is needed.  Just fill in the form to get free quotes and advice on PPC for estate agents websites.

Do Estate Agents Need To Use PPC

Just fill in the form to get advice and quotes from PPC companies that have experience in the housing and property sector.

There is only a certain number of spaces on page 1 of search engines for keywords that you are targeting.  ‘Buying a house’, ‘selling a house’, ‘renting a house’, ‘renting an apartment’, ‘flats for sale’, ‘properties in London’, ‘properties in Manchester’ and so on.

Different estate agents from around the UK (operating locally, regionally, nationally) are all targeting similar yet different keywords, but it is highly competitive.

Property related searches are highly competitive therefore in order for estate agents to dominate the online sector; paid advertising (PPC advertising) is needed.

Competition In the Industry

The UK is still in recession and as such, housing and property sales are very up and down.  Some months they are normal and some months they are down.  As such, competition is high, whether you are targeting the letting industry, apartment & flats, mid value houses or houses that are valued over £10m.  PPC for estate agents is essential.

All property businesses have to be competitive and over the last couple of decades, there has been a massive increase in the number of new housing agents in the UK; however many are struggling and many closing as a result of increased competition, the market is being squeezed.

Industry Related Experience

To get onto the front of page 1 for your chosen keywords, a targeted and focused way to ensure that you are being seen all day is hard.  Or even at certain times during the day by prospects doing web searches (local, national or regional) for their kinds of property is hard.

This can be very expensive due to the competition, and unless the PPC campaign is properly managed, can prove costly.

However when properly set up, managed and analysed, a campaign can be very fruitful, very successful and very profitable.

Compare Prices On PPC Advertising For Estate Agents

There are thousands of PPC agencies around the UK, selecting an agency that has done work in the past is wise.

Experienced in property campaigns, these agencies will understand the industry.  They will know how to set up landing pages, set up cost effective keywords and ensuring that results are properly analysed and adjusted to make them more profitable.

PPC for estate agents does not need to be expensive, just fill in the form to see.

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