Medical Exhibitions 2011

Medical Exhibitions 2011Are You Attending Medical Exhibitions In 2011?

The medical industry is the largest employer in the UK.  

Combining the NHS and all the associated private and government owned healthcare and pharmaceutical companies.  

As such, medical exhibition prove popular to showcase new procedures, equipment and services.

There are a wide variety of medical exhibitions and events throughout 2011-12:

  • Global HTA and CER Forum 2011 (August – online event)
  • Stability Testing Online (August – online event)
  • NHS Scotland Event 2011 (August in Glasgow)
  • EMAG 2011 (September in Birmingham)
  • Pharma IQ’s new Disposable Solutions for Bio manufacturing Online Summit (September – online event)
  • Biomarkers for Personalised Health Care (September in London)
  • Indipendant Living Scotland (September in Glasgow)
  • SCS Formulate (September in Coventry)
  • Future Technologies in Downstream Processing (September in London)
  • Biomakers in Clinical Tests (September in London)
  • Nursing In Practice (September in London)
  • 20th Annual Conference ESEG (September in London)
  • ESPE 2011 (Septmber in Glasgow)
  • Biomedical Service Conference (September in Birmingham)
  • Biosimilars and Biobetters (September in the City Of London)
  • Pharma IQ’s 10th Annual ELNs & Advanced Laboratory Solutions Forum (September in London)
  • UKISCRS (September in Harrogate)
  • BMJ Medical Careers Fair (October in London)
  • Mind Body Soul (October in London)
  • Managing Partnerships with CRO’s (October in London)
  • Future Health And Care Expo 2011 (October in London)
  • Management In Practice (October in Birmingham)
  • Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (October in London)
  • The Pharmacy Show (October in Birmingham)
  • Association for Perioperative Practice Exhibition (October in Harrogate)
  • Mind Body Soul (October in Birmingham)
  • Healthcare Estates Conference (October in Harrogate)
  • International Dental Showcase (October in Birmingham)
  • Nursing In Staff (October in Cardiff)
  • BDTA Dental Showcase (October in Birmingham)
  • Micro Scale Bioprocess Development (October in London)
  • Healthcare Estates Conference (November in Pertersfield)
  • Nursing in Practice (November in Bournmouth)
  • Mind Body Soul- Complementary Therapies & Spiritual Awareness November in London)
  • The Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Glasgow 2nd Triennial Conference 2011 (November in Glasgow)
  • Woundcare (November in Harrogate)
  • British Geriatrics Society Conference & Exhibition (November in Harrogate)
  • Nursing in Practice (November in Birmingham)
  • UK Stroke Forum Conference & Exhibition (December in Harrogate)
  • 26th Annual BACCN Conference 2011 (December in Newcastle)
  • Care Benchmark for Pressure Ulcers Conference & Exhibition (January in Manchester)

Are You Planning To Attend One Of these Events

There is a wide variety of healthcare and medical exhibitions around the UK and many businesses will look to exhibit and showcase their products and services. 

For this they will need exhibition stand design to help with stand design and production.

Alongside the production of the event stand, there are other areas of marketing that need to be considered:

  • Mailings – To let prospects know you will be at the event
  • Telemarketing – To follow up on the mailing
  • E-marketing – Again for letting prospects know you are at the event
  • Promotional Gifts – Branded freebies to give away at the event.

Preparing for medical exhibitions is almost as important as the event itself.

Considering the growth and spend in the medical industry is makes for good advice to be properly prepared.

With the many thousands of marketing companies around the UK, choosing one that has medical marketing experience is wise.  Marketing companies that have done work in the medical sector.   Ones that have medical companies within their portfolio will be the most relevant to talk to (rather than a marketing agency that specialises in the food and beverage sector.

For free advice and quotes about medical events and exhibitions, just fill in the form opposite.

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