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Modular display stands are a popular form of exhibition stand used by many businesses for events and exhibitions around the world.  They can be quickly assembled and taken down and are ver affordable.

There are hundreds of exhibition stand designers around the UK that can design and produce these, so it is advised to shop around and get quotes to compare.

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What Are Modular Display Stands?

They are designed to specification and to order.  Highly flexible and versatile they are intended for small events and exhibitions.

They are designed to have a high impact at a low cost.  More visual and striking than pop up display stands yet not as expensive as a custom built stand.

They are normally built from an aluminium gantry system however most are designed to be assembled without the use of tooling.  They are assembled using nut fixings that can be easily assembled or dissembled.

Some Extras:

  • Plasma TV’s
  • Tables and chairs
  • Lighting
  • Graphics Panels

For them you will need adequate floor space of upwards of 3m x 3m.  Anything less than this would really be suitable for a popup stand or banner stand.

Though fairly simple and quick to assemble, would require an assembly team to set up and take down.  Normally the company would organise the transportation of it to the various events throughout the year along with the storage in-between the various events.

The Key Benefits

  • Flexible and adaptable to each event
  • Low cost compared to custom build stands
  • High visual impact vs cost

These stands can vary depending on size, features from around £2,000 up to £10,000.

Next Step

If you are attending an exhibition at the NEC, Excel or O2, then you may want to get quotes on  modular display stands.  If you are interested in getting a modular stand for an event, or in talking to a designer about options, then fill in the quick form opposite for free advice.

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