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Pop up display stands are great for small events, conferences and general display marketing.  

Light portable and affordable pop up display stands can be used in a variety of applications.

It is always good to shop around and get quotes from different designers.  Exhibition stand design prices do vary considerably.  

What Are Pop Up Stands?

It is the most basic of exhibition stands; lightweight and simple to assemble, they are eye-catching and affordable for any business. They are designed to be basic, to efficiently communicate a marketing message to an audience.

They are designed to be light so that they are portable. They are designed to be affordable so that they can be used by sole traders in shopping centres.

Exhibition success comes at the planning stage.

Why Would I Need Pop Up Stands?

They are small, portable and lightweight.  They can be used at an event, a conference, in a shopping centre, at a major event or in the street.  

Whether you are exhibiting at the NEC, or attending a church conference.  They are very versatile and durable, so can be used in a wide variety of situations for both sales and marketing.  

They can be used for years.

How Much Do Pop Up Display Stands Cost?

They cost under £500; the main cost is the design and artwork on the stand.  

But the stand itself is very cheap.  They can be used hundreds of times and last for years.

Exhibition planning in the early days is important.

Who Produces Pop Up Display Stands?

There are hundreds of marketing companies in the UK that supply them, but most of them are manufactured abroad.  Like much these days, it is bought into the UK due to lower manufacturing costs.

Compare Quotes On Pop Up Display Stands And Save

Since all agencies set their own rates, pop up display stands will vary considerably.

Most would be of similar quality (the stand), just the design and artwork would vary from designer to designer.

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