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There are around 10 PR agencies in Basingstoke, ranging from freelance journalists that work from home, to established marketing agencies that offer PR in a range of marketing services.

When considering a PR agency, we do advise you talking with PR agencies in Basingstoke that have experience in your industry sector.  This will make the marketing campaign a lot more efficient and streamlined.   If you were looking for web support, there are a number of smaller website designers in Basingstoke that can help.

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from local PR agencies in Basingstoke that know your industry sector.

Local Marketing Companies

There has been a growth of the creative element in Basingstoke and there are a increasing number of PR agencies in and around the Basingstoke area. 

Within the catchment area there are over 20 marketing companies that offer public relations either as a stand alone service or as part of the mix of marketing services.  Services such as website design, branding and packaging design are available with larger marketing agencies.  There are a few PR companies in Newbury also should you not find a suitable agency.

Choosing The Agency

If you are based in or around Basingstoke, it does make sense for you to work with someone local rather than in London.

With public relations a visit is always good (certainly before the campaign starts) in order to talk through the strategy and how to target different media groups.  Regular meetings are also advised to determine how the campaign is going and looking at how improvements can be made. 

There is an element of relationship building with a face to face meeting, and relationship plays a big part in the success of your campaign. A meeting also gives you an opportunity to talk through the PR company’s experience of your industry. 

Industry experience plays a large part in how effective the campaign will be, especially in the early days.  If the agency knows the media, the market and the industry trends, they should be able to get articles published quicker.

Compare PR Prices

All PR agencies in Hampshire are different, all individual companies that have different fee structures.  Some PR agencies in Basingstoke are large, offering a range of marketing services and as such may well charge more per day/month than a smaller firm. 

By comparing PR prices you can get an idea of what is a reasonable price to pay for a campaign.

Basingstoke At A Glance

Basingstoke has grown from being a sleepy market town into a quickly growing, bustling commuter town. 

After the Second World War, cheap housing was needed from the London overspill and Basingstoke grew into the town it is today. 

Due to the close proximity to London and the transport roots Basingstoke has, many companies have chosen to make Basingstoke their home. 

De La Rue is based just down the road, as it Vodafone (in Newbury), AA, Sunlife of Canada, Game, Motorola, and many more.

Basingstoke is a varied town of pharmaceutical, IT and service based companies and the town is growing in all directions to house an ever growing number of immigrants.  

There has been a boom in housing estates around Basingstoke, the most talked about being the new Mennydown estate which should push the population over 300,000 as the council predicts.

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