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Due to being between the M3 & M4 motorways, Newbury is a popular site for marketing agencies to base themselves, as the rates are cheaper than Oxford and London, resulting in some 15 PR companies in the region.  

There are around 5 PR agencies in Newbury, mainly freelance journalists and smaller public relations firms that offer local media support.  There are a few PR companies in Newbury that offer a specific industry focus such as fashion or technology PR.

Many companies in Newbury benefit from using public relations, from Newbury Racecourse and the events it hosts, to the Nature Discovery Centre in Benham Hill.

Just fill in the quote form to get advice from PR companies in Newbury that know your industry sector.

Putting Together A PR Brief

Putting together a PR brief would be a good idea, as it will save everyone a lot of time going back and forth with questions and answers.

Here are a few things that you can include to help the agency understand where you are coming from:

  • Background to your business
  • Your business objectives
  • Overview of your product/services
  • Outline of your competitors
  • Your target audience
  • Your timescales
  • Your budget

Each of these points are important as we will look into.

The background to your business should give the PR company a clear overview of what it is your business does.  Have you been trading for 100+ years, or have an interesting history?

What is your business looking to achieve, what are the main goals for your business to achieve?

Press releases are a great vehicle to communicate new products or services that could very well change the world!

Giving a number of your competitors will help the PR agency understand more about your market and what you are looking to achieve.

Who is your target audience, young people, old people, nationally, internationally?

What are the timescales you are looking towards?  Are you looking for instant publicity, national publicity or are you looking to target a specific industry such as retail or engineering?

Your budget is important, as all PR companies in Newbury are different.  Do you have a PR budget of a few hundred pounds a month or thousands?  This will effect the size and experience of the PR company that is right for you.

Select A Local PR Company

For businesses based in and around the town, it is advisable to talk to PR agencies in Newbury that are local.  This allows the opportunity of easy meetings and also the means to get to know the agency face to face. As there are lots of PR agencies in Berkshire to choose from, there are options.

Another benefit of working with someone local is the facility to have ‘review meetings’, in order to assess how the campaign is going, and to look at ways of improvement.  

Looking at the sector that the agency is most experienced in is also something important to be considered, as many firms specialise in niche industries.

Compare Multiple Prices

As all PR agencies in Newbury are different, all will provide different rates and PR prices will vary.  It is wise to shop around as no one likes paying over the odds.

Comparing PR companies is not about finding the cheapest agency, it is about finding the ‘right’ public relations agency for your business.  One that knows your product/service and is passionate about you.

Many PR companies will take on anything, as clients are clients and money is money.  However this is not what you are looking for.  You want an agency that will produce results, will get you media attention and get you publicity.

Getting a press release into the world is easy, getting you publicity is something completely different.

The cheapest public relations company is not necessarily the best, the most expensive agency will not mean the best media coverage.

It is important not just to get details of cost, but also advice and details of the campaign they suggest.

Newbury In A Few Words

It is a town based in Berkshire, this is a quaint market town that still has the feel of a 17th century market town, with many of the original period buildings remaining in place.

It is famous for its racecourse, Newbury Races, and for the now disused air base at Greenham Common.  

Although there are many ancient artefacts that have been found around the town, the first evidence of there being a settlement in the town is when it was established as a ‘new borough’ by the Normans, hence the name New-Bury or New Borough.  

These days the town is best known for housing the headquarters of the mobile phone giant Vodafone, who employ around 6,500 on site, along with a variety of other SME companies around the town.  

The population is just under 30,000 according to council information, and the town has a history in the cloth industry, which has all but gone these days due to cheap imports.

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