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Most of the 10 PR agencies in Bournemouth are smaller studios of 2-3  professionals.  

Despite much of the town being passed over to services and tourism, there is a strong creative element (possibly linked to the University of Bournemouth) leading to over 100 creative agencies in Bournemouth. 

But some PR companies in Bournemouth are larger marketing communications companies that offer a range of services (website design, graphic design etc.).  

There are also a number of website designers in Bournemouth that can support your PR campaign via online and social media.

Just fill in the form to get free quotes and advice from local PR agencies in Bournemouth that know your industry sector.

Selecting A Local Agency

There are nearly 100 PR agencies in Dorset.  

Due to there being a selection of PR agencies in Bournemouth, it is only logical to consider using a local agency rather than one that is based 100’s of miles away.  There is always a bond between local companies, a kind of allegiance and loyalty that does get lost with distance. 

In choosing a local company there is also the opportunity of having a meeting with ease in order to discuss the campaign and objectives.  Once the campaign is up and running there is the chance to have review meetings to discuss how the campaign is going and look at ways it can be improved.

Selecting an agency that knows your market place is also something that is important.  

So if you are involved in finance, choosing an agency that works in the finance industry is wise (for example). 

This will also mean that the agency will have established contacts within the media.  Leading to your campaign starting quicker meaning a speedier return on investment.

Compare Prices

All PR companies in Bournemouth are private businesses and are there to make money.  With this in mind it is wise to shop around and compare PR prices

There is no industry standard for costs, all agencies set their own rates based on overheads, profits etc.

Bournemouth In A Few Words

Bournemouth (according to a recent survey) was said to be the ‘happiest’ place in England, with most people being content with their lives. 

It is known as being a seaside town with a thriving tourism industry and student population based around the University. 

Up until the 18th Century, it was largely remote heath land just used for hunting.  However around 1835, retired people started to move down to the coast and escape the rat race.  

93% of the towns 200,000 strong workforce work in the service industry (banks, hospitals etc.) leaving the remainder working mainly to support the tourism in the area according to stats.

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