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There are around 20 PR agencies in Cannock, many of these are smaller PR firms as the larger ones are based in the main towns of Birmingham and Stafford.  

There are a number of freelance public relations agents that do not work for an agency but work from home.

There are also some 15 larger marketing companies that offer public relations, as part of a broader range of marketing work.  Such as graphic design and web design services.  

There are also around 5 specialist PR companies in Sutton Coldfield that work in specific industry sectors.

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How Public Relations Can Help

All businesses use public relations in different ways.

Whether you are a global business, a national business or a local company to Cannock, public relations can be an effective marketing tool if used correctly.

Most companies use public relations to communicate company news and business updates.  Some examples might be:

  • Opening a new office
  • Announcement of a new senior member of staff
  • Announcing a company merger
  • Announcing a new product or service

Public relations companies in Cannock should be able to help you to create a newsworthy story that should hopefully generate you publicity.  That is what public relations is all about, to create a stir, to create public interest in your business.

Choosing A Local PR Company

For businesses that are based around Cannock, using a local PR agency is preferred over one that is outside of the Midlands or based in London.  

Even though much of communication these days is done over the internet or ‘phone, nothing can beat the face to face meeting.  

This creates trust and a relationship that can be built on.

Many PR companies in Cannock do prefer working with clients via e-mail and phone as it allows the time to fit more clients in. However, as the recession is affecting most businesses, there is the need for as much value for money as possible.  

There are many PR agencies in Birmingham that are close at hand, if there are no suitable ones closer to town, and may be only half an hours drive away.

It is very important that the agency knows your industry.  They know how your market place works, have clients that are in your market, and is committed.

This is another reason for meeting them.  As at a meeting you can gauge their response as you explore their expertise.  They can get to know who you are, and in general avoid misunderstandings.

Some Questions To Consider

When you talk or meet with public relations companies, here are a few questions that you may wish to consider:

  • How well do you know our products/services?
  • What other companies like ours have you worked with?
  • What journalists do you know of in our industry that you can talk with?
  • How long has your agency been established?

All PR companies in the UK are different.  Some have been running for decades, some have only just started trading.  Would you want to be the first client of a new agency, or work with a well established PR company in Cannock?

All PR companies will put together a press release for you and submit it via an online press release company such as PR Fire or PR Newswire.

What you want however is for the PR company to talk to flesh and blood journalists.  To pick up the phone and say ‘Hi John, Bill here from Shoot For The Stars PR.  I have a red hot press release you will kill for’!  The agency should talk to journalists and get you into your industry publications or better still, the national press.

Compare Multiple Prices

All PR agencies in Cannock are different, offering different rates and PR prices based on their size, staff numbers and profit margins.  

It is essential to compare quotes from different agencies.  This is to ensure that you are paying at a reasonable rate, in relation to the scope of your campaign.  

With public relations, you do not get what you pay for.  The most expensive PR company in Cannock does not make them the best.

Certainly in today’s economic climate ensuring that you get the most value for money whilst setting performance measures will provide you with the best agency.

We are not saying that we want to get you the cheapest public relations company, that is not how marketing works.  It is about finding you the ‘right’ public relations agency for your business, one that knows about your products/services.

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A Few Words About Cannock

It is in the West Midlands in  Staffordshire just north of Birmingham.  The name is derived from the Old English word ‘Chenet’ meaning ‘hillock’, and was referred to in the Domesday Book of 1086.

As with many towns in the area, it remained a small town until the mid 19th century.  When the coal reserves caused it to boom during the Industrial Revolution, bringing growth to the area.

It is also known for its German war cemetery containing nearly 5,000 German graves from both the First and Second World Wars.  

The area is considered commuter territory for Birmingham and has around 30,000 inhabitants according to the council website.

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