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There are over 20 PR agencies in Birmingham which range from freelance journalists right up to top firms that work with global accounts.  

In addition to the many solo firms, there are also around 100 marketing companies that offer public relations services as part of a broader range of marketing services.

There are also PR companies in Birmingham that offer a specific industry focus to certain market sectors.  

In addition there are many website designers in Birmingham that can support your PR campaign via social media and online marketing.

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Selecting A Local Agency

As there are so many PR agencies in Birmingham to choose from, selection is often difficult.  

It is always better working with a local company than one that is based miles outside of the city, so that meetings can be arranged as necessary.

For companies in Birmingham, the problem then exists of how to select the right one, as there are so many to choose from:

Select The Right Size company

Selecting the right sized agency is important.  Larger agencies tend to charge more than smaller ones as their overheads tend to be higher.

 If yours is a smaller business, then a smaller firm may be more suitable.  If you are a larger business, then a larger company or marketing agency (that has additional marketing resources) is likely to be more relevant.

Selecting An Agency That Knows Your Market

All PR agencies in Birmingham have different industry experience, depending on their past track record.  

Some will have stronger experience than others in certain markets.  Choosing a company that knows your industry should mean that the campaign is up and running quicker meaning speedier results.

Selecting A Company From Birmingham

Keep it local.  This gives you easy opportunity to meet up with them, to get to know them and to form a relationship with the team.  

It also gives them a chance to get to know your business in detail.  Having a local agency also means that review meetings to discuss progress, or lack of it, are easy to organise.  

Most companies will push for results if they know they need to meet you face to face in order to explain their performance.

Compare Prices

Like all PR companies in the Midlands, all agencies set their own rates.  

All PR companies in Birmingham charge differently depending on their size, their client base, their overheads and of course their profit margins.

Getting value is important and selecting the right company that is able to offer good value is essential.  No-one likes over-paying for anything and the only way to ensure this is by comparing PR costs.

A Glance At Birmingham

It is the second largest city in the UK, based in the West Midlands.  

Since the early 7th century, it was a Saxon farming town (the name comes from ‘Beorma inga ham’ which means farmstead of the sons) which was recorded in the Doomsday Book of 1086 as being ‘a small village worth 20 shillings’.

Birmingham grew significantly during the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century due to the coal and iron reserves it had.  As a result established extensive canal and later railway networks.  

The primary industries over the years were manufacturing and engineering, which still continue today.

The city has a population of over a million with over two million in the greater city area according to government statistics.  

Birmingham university has 28,000 enrolled.

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